Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

A farewell

Durz looked his companions over.

A noble warrior struggling to command an eclectic group of people in his first foray to the wilds, a quiet man refusing to remove his mittens, a druid who seemed determined to help the forests regardless of who stood in his way, allies or enemies and an elf with a purchance for shooting first (be that rainbows or arrows) and asking questions later.

The time had come to part ways. While this group had the makings of something special, it wasn’t something that worked for Durz. His glory and search for a way to join the Horde in the Sky when the time was right seemed to be devolving into a rather less than glorious nap face down in the dirt as he strove to keep the others from getting killed by every evil little critter that showed up.

“Thank you for allowing me to join you in your quest for all things evil. Now, however, is my time to depart. There are things I must do alone. WENCHING! KILLING! Gathering of glory by testing myself alone. Oh, and more wenching.”

He hopped on his horse and rode out of Olegs without a backwards glance…in fact…he seemed to be speeding up. The group turns to hear Oleg muttering about bloody theiving barbarians stealing perfectly good horses.



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