Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

A good story helps

Thanks Jim

We approached the castle gate and as expected the Green Dragon we spotted the day before rose up and attacked.

I was told It was a linnorm Dragon but with two heads this made very little difference to me as it did not effect how I was going to deal with it.
I hit things as hard as I can when I can reach them and if I can not I fire pointy things at it from afar.
This case it was the latter. It seamed to shrug off all the attacks that hit it, it was going to be a long fight.
But just as it looked as though all was lost something surprising happened. And this is as best as I can recall what happened.

As I was sending sharp pointy things flying at the two headed Linnorm I felt something in my Trouser pocket move.
It was dingle mouse, I had forgotten that I had put him there the day before.
I started to cry and told Dingle mouse that the Linnorm is going to eat us all up with peanut butter!. But then suddenly Dingle mouse cried out “I got-a Idea! I know a big strong eagle called Jim. He is my friend and he owes me money!. Ill go try and get him” Then Dingle mouse jumped out of my pocket and ran off to find Jim.
I yelled out Please Hurry, Hurry the Linnorm is going to eat us soon.

So Dingle Mouse ran, he ran as fast as he could, he ran so fast his tail caught fire and he had to sit in a bucked of cold water to put it out. piiissshhhhh!!! “That’s better” Dingle Mouse said.

After a few more attacks on the Linoorm and Dingle mouse had reached the Tree where Jim the giant Eagle was asleep.
Dingle mouse looked at Jim and he still was the same old Jim. Jim was a beautiful Eagle, he had brown feathers on his body, white feathers on his head a big yellow break and blue eyes and he was nearly as strong as god!
HURRY UP JIM! The Linnorm is going to eat the party soon with peanut butter!”
So Jim the Eagle quickly took off his pajamas.
Dingle Mouse jumped on Jim’s back and away they flew. “Faster Jim Faster the Linnorm is winning the fight HURRY HURRY” Dingle Mouse said.

Still fight the Linnorm I yelled out to the others " can you see anyone coming to save us?"
“No No we cant” said the party. “Look” I said “the Linnorm is about to breath on us again!!”
The Linnorm let out and Evil and very long cackle " I’m going to get you" with another Evilly long cackle.
“Look” I said “in the distance its Jim the eagle, Jim the Eagle is coming!”
The Linnorm was inhaling for its final death breath on the party and then Jim the Eagle flew up to the party and said “quick get on my back, Hurry” the Linnorm was starting to breath out “STOP THEM” screamed the Linnorm “ahhhhaaaa Stop them!”
But the party was on the mighty eagles back and away we flew away from the terrible Linnorm.
The linnorm was so angry it screamed “STINKY POO!!! Stinky Poo Stinky Poo knickers knickers knickers” and then started to chase after the party. It said “I have some magic powder that I’m going to chuck on you and turn you into china-mans legs!”
Jim the eagle flew up and up and he hid inside a cloud and the Linnorm flew around and around, around and around the cloud it flew waiting for Jim and the party to come out.
Just then God came along and when he saw what the wicked Linnorm was going to do to the party he told the Linnorm “GO AWAY!” “NO I WONT, I WONT” said the Linnorm and tried to scrach Gods eyes out. So God pointed his finger at the Linnorm and Zap thump he had made the Linnorm Burst like a balloon and disappear like smoke.
When Jim the Eagle saw that the Linnorm was dead he flew the party back down to the castle entrance. We then said our goodbyes.

Well that is how I remember it the rest of the party may have a different view point.

Next we had to get into the castle so I was bet by the pally that I could not lift the portcullis “right ill show you” and it was a struggle to lift and the party standing around having a chat wile i was holding it open was more that a challenge but i was not going to show any strain on my face and as soon as they had eventually walked through I let it go, Ha! take that one you Pally.

Smugness was soon replaced with terror as I saw what was waiting for us.
There was a jabbawockee !!!
It was easily the hardest fight we have ever done. It was flying all around the castle, confusing some of us, eye beaming us, clawing us, biting us but in the end we prevailed.
Most of the magic users are now not looking forward to continuing on as I think they are nearly spent.

We looked around a bit and found a stable of undead horses we are going to leave them alone at the moment as they could have a curse on them that could be lifted if we Kill the Nymph.

Up stairs we came across a small room with many many statues of little unhappy demons and one happy demon. We removed the happy one and the room transformed before our eyes.
A pool of water formed in the fountain and plants grew to full bloom. The Pally took a drink of the water and felt fantastic but this left us with only about two more drinks worth. We decided to leave the rest there encase we need it.

On to the next room.



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