Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Archers , Trees , and a big fight

Walls are good MKay

So we start of search for the Neriads cloth thing and the sword named Briaer or something, slowly making our way to Pitax.

Three days pass and we get a magical little bird come to us ( this was the bird we gave to the Centaurs a wile ago ).

Our Fort is under attack !

We mobilize a plan, all the magic users will teleport to the fort and on the way drop off The Monk and myself . then teleport to the Fort and start the defense of our little city.

The Pally is left to wait for a day or so till the Mage can comeback and pick him up.

I ready our army’s at our capital and march them to the City under attack, this should take three days to arrive.
Hopefully the rest can hold off the advance till we arrive.

I am told that on the second day they attacked.
Thankfully a group of friendly Tree-Ents were wandering on by and lent a help full hand to take up arms ( or huge rocks ) against our Pitax foe’s. Possibly thanks to our Druid King being there.

There were Trolls, Wyvern’s and a army of men Two thousand strong. Looking to destroy one of our founding settlements.

I never made it to that battle but I am told the gods were with us that day and our little force and a very help full group of trees and legendary Centaurs laid waste to the invaders.
With the Army of men the only ones left standing they broke formation and retreaded the way they came for the night.
Little did they know the rest of the party and our main Army was coming up behind them – they were trapped.

We decided to hold them in the pass until they surrendered, but this was not to be the case. They attacked so we came at them from both sides. It was a total victory on our part with the invaders from Pitax fleeing in every direction.
Some Centaurs were unfortunately lost in the encounter, we owe them a dept of gratitude.

Pitax must pay.

Time to cut the head off the snake.


Welcome and thank-you, to the department of gratitude.

Archers , Trees , and a big fight

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