Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Bad day to be a horse


By an ancestor of Phar Lap

So here we were living the existence that befits us, being brushed, rode around, plenty of feed and an occasional hit n run. All of a sudden outta the green come this bunch of weirdo two legs and we all off gallivanting round the country side rounding up bad two legs and getting all glorious n stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, it was kinda fun putting new life into the ol legs. In general it was alwite, part from the noisy weirdo that kept wanting to go bareback and forgetting to wear his underclothes at times … puh! eww yuck

Then shit got serious. So we have a good cruise on the good green grass and we camp one night on a hill next to a death stone. All the bright ones picked how wrong it was there but some ppl are just stupid. They spent more time over their discoveries of sticks and containers of eatable wood. Particularly the really weird fey one. No matter how much we protested they didn’t understand and there we stayed.

That abomination that appeared was a floating death. Gleefully it burnt and tormented its hapless foes that grim evening. The two legs gallantly fought the cursed soul and at last on the verge of collapse its morale was broken and off it blazed, screaming it promises of revenge.


You’d thing after some of those subtle hints that things would get mobile. But no. Some moron decided we should park up and have a good nights rest. Are you shittn me. If i ever get a chance to meet them again I will certainly be dreaming up suitable payback. When it reappeared the result was inevitable. It overcome our defense easily and prepared for its gluttonous hunger to be sated. Like the climatic end of a nights session the brave monk and druid carried off the victims while the steady knight kept it at bay.

They forgot one thing. The rest of us. Obviously it liked the thrill of a hunt but it cant have been to bothered either way as consumption was always guaranteed. The equine gods were prayed to that night. The Great Plains were unable to take their spirits into her bosom. The site left behind once only cursed will now surely be damned.

Thats all that mattered that happened. There was some episode of bad two legs trying to pose as normals and they were quickely put to the sword. Apparently once the nature weirdo gets his aim right they could even pose a threat to more worthy oppenents. But who cares Im not there anymore, proberly been replaced by some other hag



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