Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Bad Dreams

After dealing with Imajica’s bad dream ( not that there was much i could do ) went back to bed.
Over the next few night’s some of the others had a similar experience, Khan and his T-Rex wondering round the court yard was interesting but Learian throwing his rattle at the bird seem to do the trick tho.

We went to see the real druid who had some information for us but it came with a but, he had located a copy of the book we were after and it was in the hands of a Lady who was an art lover, we arranged a meeting with her and she would hand over the book ( and here comes the but ) if she could have her name on one of the art building’s we have, she wanted her family name associated with good art and this seamed like a fair request so we could have the book.

After a look through the book we notice that the last page was missing, we also realized that stuff from the other pages had been happening to our Kingdom over the past week or so and we also had a possible location of the entrance to 1000 breaths. In our search for the last page of the book we discover that Learian’s father is alive and is a blind servant in 1000 breaths, but that is only a guess at the moment but that seems to be what the evidence is pointing to. We hear of another Bloom incident and we head off to sort it out and now we are in the middle of sorting out some frost giants.



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