Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Blooming Hell

So we dealt with that first bloom and then went home to sort out some kingdom issues that needed sorting. New roads and highways were built. The kingdom is getting more user friendly now which is good.

While discussing what to do next we were interupted by one of Oret’s farm hands. Apparently his farm was under attack by some sticks.

Bloom number 2 has struck. We quickly teleported to his farm to see what was what. On arriving yes the farm was certainly under attack and we were quickly surrounded. A couple of quick wall of fire spells, some fire protection and some exploding and we dealt with the sticky stick things. I was amused by some Kobolds calling themselves the Kob Squad who had set out looking for adventure, fame and fortune. They had been trying to help aswell. I of course thanked them and have promised them some silver swords for their troubles. (some silver carving knives will do the trick).

We decided that we needed to track down the source of this bloom and eventually found it. Again withe use of magic spells we were quickly able to remove the offending sticky stick sticks from this plane and end this particular bloom.

We are now pretty sure there will be more to come until we deal with what is actually causing them. Until we can find out more we will just have to wait and deal with them as they crop up.

Time to go find some silver carving knives and present them to the Kob Squad.



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