Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

down a hole

At the end of the previous session the party found themselves down a hole underneath the roots of a massive tree. There they discovered a mite (of the fey) who promptly squealed in horror and ran off. The large centipedes left behind as guards to their domain were easily dispatched.

After some consultation the party choose to venture more down the dark earthworks. Perhaps a hasty decision with hindsight. Further in they found one of the main rooms of the fey’s lair. There in waiting a dozen foes with their leader and a hideous giant tick played out the assault vs the intruders.

The ensuing melee was a long and drawn out one. The Tick proved to be more than a worthy opponent and when it latched itself to the knight and started literally sucking the life out of him, things looked grim indeed. Thankfully due to the prevalent random outcome of the druids entangle and the heroic nature of its members the party survived. Carrying their stricken comrades out, the party made a safe beeline back to base.

Treasure was looted and amongst the trivial was a map that hinted at more to be found. After safety was gained and reflections made one of the party members stood raised his weapon into the air and was surrounded by a swirl of gossamer lights. He instantly felt more worthy. There started a procession of whoops and colours as one by one the others stood and took their glory. All, cept the lonely elf who had joined at a later date.

Sensing his discomfort the caring druid (huh?) leaned over and assured him how his input was valuable. Nek minute he to stood and joined the ranks of others. Try and best us now evil denizens of the world..



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