Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Fathers and snakes

On a previous night during watch a ghostly visage appeared to one of the courageous party members. Wait. Hang on it was Roache so i stand corrected. Anyways it turns out the apparition shared a remarkable resemblance to Laerian’s father which in turn bade the party to venture onwards into regions unknown to maybe solve a mystery that had so far thwarted Laerian.
Thank god for plot. While the importance wasnt lost on any, the party showed its usual penchant for doing the opposite and preceded to go else where. Eventually Plot caught up and the group set off in the direction that would prove to turn up some surprises. With a grasp of new powers they were tasked to rid the lands of some snake thingy, make a witchy poo erased from reality along with investigating the ghost of a father.
Happening on a pile of boulders with a sword thrust into it suggested the creation of a hastily made cairn. Mumbling something about the wrongness of it all the paladin distanced himself proving to some that he really was a pussy. Lareian watched thoughtfully on while the others, particularly the nature boy and elf, debated on what to do. With actions speaking louder than words the mound was opened..
Suspicions were proven correct. It was indeed a burial site and the murdered headless victim did indeed bear the arms and trinkets of Learian’s house. By all accounts his ol man had passed on from the mortal lands. Taking what was appropriate the party sanctifies his last resting place and moves on, solving one mystery but perhaps asking more questions..
Covering good ground and besting encounters the new wilds threw at them they come across the dreadful man-snake in its swampy habitat. At least that would have been the case if the memo had got to the monk. Proceeding to show how much of a quick lil fucker he was he races over the difficult terrain and stun shots it. End of man-snake thingy.
Feeling adventurous as adventurers do they travel onwards until they stumble upon an awful visage. A festering fen of water lies as a landmark to the corpse of a slain noble unicorn. In absolute sacrilege the once mighty creature of Fey was dehorned, killed by evil necromancy. Visibly upset the Elf urges the group to move on before more foul happenstances occur. Needing the grief of the encounter to be a warning to all that is Fair he shares the atrocity with the parties tiny Fey companion. Causing it to cry. Upset at the upsetness the Druid smacks the Elf making him cry. Now we have upsetness everywhere!
How will the party cope? Will this prove to much for the health bar of the heroes?

Not really, as the traits of apathy and narcissism run strong in their blood..

To cap an otherwise successful foray into the swamp the party establishes with a slimy Boggart that ‘Truce’ is indeed an international word. Maybe they have unwittingly, by sparing its life, made another new ally. Stranger things have happened and will continue to do so.

Leading onto the final chapter of this book the heroes move on vigilantly to the Stag Lords base with the potential victory of ridding the lands of his evil clutches once n for all.



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