Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

I guess there is no need to cast Entangle

So we finish of the Frost Giants and destroy the Monolith/Grave Stone. It turns out that the later was the source of the bloom which was quickly added to Briar.

A fair bit of healing (for me) later and we are on our way home to recover before heading to the Thousand Acres Woods or something to have a look at the gate. I wonder if Pooh will be there with Piglet.

While we are at home the researchers give us some useful information about accessing the plane we need to go to. So far these guys have proved themselves way more useful than the supposed Druid.

As we are about to leave to find Pooh and Co. we get a visit from Andromeda. Her place is now under the influence of what we assume and find out later on is a Bloom. We travel to have a look and sure enough there is a few miles of brambles with some giant like creatures in amongst them.

We dispatch the giants and then the pods that are being grown that have new ones in them and the bloom is destroyed. Luckily we did it all before they could regrow or we would still be fighting them. Splitting up in this instance was a good thing.

I take the remaining bloom item as we need 3 or so to be able to enter the other plane. So no charging up Briar with this one at this stage.

Off to see Pooh and Co. and we find that there are some ruins there with a enchantment on them that makes them look unruined. Interesting.


(Artists impression of the evil Fey Creature we will need to defeat)



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