Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

I Hate Fey

So after killing the Ettins we head of home. Some disturbing dreams causing a few issues with them coming true including me having to subdue a confused T-Rex. It appears that Lerian managed to solve the dreaming bloom issue by killing the big fucking bird in the dreams.

The “Druid” who is yet to actually prove he is a druid managed to find us a copy of the Book were seeking. It came at the cost of some toffee nosed tart having the museum named after her. Turns out the book isn’t complete however as the back page is missing.

We set about trying to find some way of getting the back page. No spells seem to work. We track down the previous owners no luck but it was complete when they sold it. The back page is a map. Toffee nosed tart seems to remember a break in with nothing missing maybe that was when it went missing.
There was someone else looking for it a while ago. Turns out it was Lerians dad.

So I scry for his dad and fuck me he is alive but blind and serving some fucking Fey in what we assume is the plane we need to go to. When I see the fey he serves I am immediately struck blind. Well that sucks. IO quickly fixes that for me.

A lot of discussion about should we try and head on over to that plane but I decree we should find the map page first. Besides we also need to find some way to stop ourselves turning blind as soon as we look at the Fey bitch otherwise it will be game over.

In the meantime we get reports of an area that is now snowing in the middle of summer. Onto the next bloom we head and we are now engaged in scrap with some frost giants.



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