Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

I hoped the sword would have worked

Two more blooms to go then.

We defeated the Frost Giants with relative ease but the bloom had not finished with us.
It still remained very cold and a massive monolith stood before us.
Rafe started to chip away at it, I asked him if he would mind if we took turns smashing this evil stone thing that had the names of my nearest and dearest on it. He obliged so away we whacked.
I heard a throat clear behind us as our king said stand away, and then cast some sort of fire spell at it. After a bit the monolith shattered into many many pieces and one of them glowed. Briar was again stronger I just hoped it was not making this Evil Fey stronger too.

The bloom dealt with I asked the group if they would accompany me to the gate in 1000 Voices to see if we could find a way into 1000 Breaths. The answer was yes but lets stop in our capital on the way to stock up.

Good thing we did as the researches has news for us. three blooms trophies are possibly needed to open the gate through to the 1000 Breaths. I hoped that Briar was enough to get us through but the researches seamed not to think so.
The place that the fey lady lives is a house called House at the end of time. 1000 breaths is all so not to stable. It is a few places held held together by her champions on their glade. The researches seam to think if we defeated each sections champion we could destabilize 1000 breaths. This seams like a great idea to me.
As we went to leave, Niska came up to us not looking to happy. The plants are attacking my house. Big – big plants. Sweet we have a Druid this will be easy i thought to myself, Nope No it was not.

Got near to her house and indeed the plants were big and pointy and slashey. In closer inspection there were three troll things with three arms in there too.
We tried a lot of ideas some effective some not and it looked like we would have to fly / drop in into the middle of this Briar patch and take them down one by one.
Our pally said “no! lets split into three groups and take them on at once” and so we did. The troll things tried to escape us but were all cut down or turned into sheep so I’m told.
After their death they waited a bit and then turned into goo/dust and went into the ground and a pod sprouted up from its goo. This was unusual so i cut the pod down and inside was a smaller version of what we had just killed, like the phoenix rising from the ashes these things rise up again in seed pods.
Again one glowed with magic but this time we kept it away from Briar. Two more to go.

Back at the city and everyone was cheering for us. This was quite cool I guess they could see us this time and not just hear stories of our deeds.

We then teleported to Pitax and began our journey to 1000 Voices.
Some fey dragons lead us to the ruins and wanted some berries in return.

From the outside of the gate into 1000 Voices it looked like we were expecting, an old rundown ruin.
I steeped through the gate and everything changed. Everything now looked like it would have when it first was built.
I asked what people could see from out side and they all said a ruin. Our king jumped the fence and saw what i saw but he did all so notice some statues of a lady and they looked a lot like the fey lady in the house where my father has been taken.
It apparently was a very powerful spell on the area to make it look new again, why would someone put a powerful spell on an old run down ruin is beyond me.
But what I was hoping for did not happen. There is no portal or opening to 1000 Breaths I guess the researches were correct.

Two more Blooms to go. Lets hope they are as manageable as the rest.



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