Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which acid baths are found to be overrated

A jet black crone, standing taller than me, hunched over, with massive long talons for fingernails ambled over to us. The dragon we had just killed lay still, oozing from a multitude of wounds and she seemed not the slightest concerned.

In fact, she wanted to chat and have a cup of tea. She was so polite, but Iomedae practically screamed at me that this creature was a great evil. My moral dilemma was that she was making no threatening moves, not trying to attack in any way, simply offering us a cup of tea back in her hut.

Nothing made me comfortable and moral compass veered wildly between smiting the evil being to letting her live because she posed no threat currently. With no ability to make a final decision myself, I popped back into the faerie ring and asked Andromeda Niska if she knew anything about this sort of hag and if they could be left to their own devices.

“Why aren’t you already killing it?”

It seemed to me that somebody who knew a lot more about hags made the call, and I was willing to trust her judgement as she had more than earned it over the past several years.

I stepped out of the faerie ring and immediately attacked. Within seconds, the evil crone was on her back from magic slamming into her and several large gashes graced her, courtesy of Learion, Oret and I.

Before we could finish her off, a large stone golem lumbered out of the forest, intent on protecting its mistress. Immediately trapped in a pit, it ceased to be a threat, but by the time we turned back to the hag, she had teleported to who only knows where.

The magical pit finally wore off and the stone golem re-appeared, but it was no match for our now mighty party. An ancient black dragon, this thing was not…

With little other options, we headed in the direction the tracks the hag had made led us in. This eventually took us to her hut, which was conspicuously empty. No other leads jumped out at us, so it was decided to head back to the castle.

This was a lengthy trip and Andromeda had decided to come with us.

Arriving at our destination, we were greeted by the castle, restored back to its full glory. It looked exactly like the illusion of it did, but this was clearly no illusion this time. The castle was back and looking formidable.

Lying at the front of the gates was a large, wingless, two headed dragon. imajica informed us this was a similar creature to the linnorm we had fought previously, but was unable to provide us with any other pertinent information.

With little other choice, I moved towards the great beast, only to be greeted by it flying towards us and unleashing a violent gout of acid over me. While I am more resistant to acid than most, the pain was immense and I called on Iomedae to heal me as I brought Briar to bear on it.

Khan unleashed some of the most concentrated weather and summoning spells I have ever seen him do, and still, the great beast not only with stood it all, but simply moved away. Four giant rocs, one of which was even larger than the linnorm itself, a typhoon whirling above our heads and other magical effects flew at it, only to be dismissed with scary ease.

And on top of that, it was able to use both heads to breath more acid on me, two streams colliding and inflicting as much pain as I recall ever feeling. Io called all the melee warriors in our party back to him and I have retreated at his urging.

Iomedae preserve us!



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