Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which dreams are made to come true

The return trip to Pitax was joyful as Ashularae was re-united with her family.

We were also informed once we had spoken to our new Thousand Breaths advisor that he had sourced a copy of the book he was missing (after being forced by the King to cast a druid only spell to prove his druidic credentials).

This book appeared to be in the hands of a large woman from a wealthy and arts sensitive family. She professed a loud and horrified hatred of the arts abuse under the previous rulership and would gladly return the book to us for the small bargain of having her family name once again associated with something classy in the arts world.

So a suddenly re-named theatre and naming ceremony later and we had the book in our hands. It was obvious that something was wrong even as we were taking possession of it as the woman looked guilty. It was missing the last page and she professed to know nothing of the page, claiming it had been in the family like that.

Leads were scrounged up and the best we could come up with was tracing the book back to its original owner. Since the book had been bought by way of auction, the receipt was sought and found. This allowed us to find the auction house and find the seller. It turned out to be the Pitax museum selling the book and there was a clever staff member who remember the book quite well. Well enough to recall that the last page was a map, but unfortunately, not quite well enough to know what the map looked like since it had been sold years prior.

Another interesting piece of information came up as well. Somebody else had been after the book. An older gentleman had been seen asking around about it as well. One thing led to another and it turned out that this was Learions father.

A simple scrying spell told us something that we hadn’t known prior to this (Learion not having pushed particularly hard in the search for his father up to this point)…his father was ALIVE!

Alive, blind, and serving a green skinned elven looking woman, presumably in the Thousand Breaths. And clearly the Nymph ability to make somebody blind works through spells as well since our King (who was ably scrying up till that point) went blind as soon as he saw the nymph as well.

Jubilost Narthropple was sought out and he appeared to recognise some of the information in the book as a location in our lands. The book also seemed to tell the same tales that we were currently living through, but not in the same order as the book.

We started having strange dreams. First it Imajica and his tower was surrounded by gales, lightning and violent weather, striking in through his towers windows. Unsure of what to do, we watched as Khan appeared to calm the weather with a thought and retreated back to bed. As the nights went on, more of our populace complained of these dreams impacting them as they woke to find them come true.

My own dream led to me being chased by a whirlwind and I was unable to escape from the weather. I awoke to the localised whirlwind in my bedroom, throwing myself and my belongings around the room as I fled for the door.

A large reptilian beast was seen being escorted from the palace by Khan as well, apparently this had something to do with his dream as well.

Learion seemed to be the only one to deal with the dream differently. His description of his dream was short and sweet. “I threw a rattle at the bloody bird and it died.” He was referring, of course, to the large black bird that we had all seen in our dreams.

Our next indication that there was another bloom happening was the request to clear the pass near Varnhold as it was snowed shut in summer. An unusual occurrence indeed and we set out to investigate, only to come across some vaguely familiar frost giants blocking our way once we had trekked further into the pass itself.

With only six giants blocking our way, we were intent on making short work of them, but our King may have made himself too much of a target in an attempt to buy our party an advantage, but we were able to make the advantage tell as we set about cutting these over large problems down to size…



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