Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which Durz continues to not surprise

Some time has passed since we annexed Pitax. The Kingdom appears to be growing steadily and shows little sign of the turmoil that has forced upheavals previously. This can only mean one of two things. Either we have finally reached that vital stage of growth, stability and peace we all crave, or another catastrophe is due.

An unusual messenger from our away team of trusted explorers, in the form of a small animal, requested our aid over at a Fort Drelev by Lake Hooktongue. With little else to go on, Imajica gathered the party and teleported us to the required destination.

The explorers consisted of Andromeda Niska, Durz, Evindra, Jubilost Narthropple and Akiros Ismort. So far they have done a stirling job exploring and helping expand our kingdoms borders.

We managed to arrive at a tavern, only to be greeted by Durz, who, by his standards, was only slightly inebriated. He introduced us to a gentleman, who had to re- introduce himself as Rafe due to Durz inability to speak a current known language.

The long and short of things was that the fey realm was starting to break through to our world via something called “blooms” and these could take all sorts of forms. They were also, typically dangerous, as evidenced by the large water elemental in the form of a swan that emerged from the whirlpool.

Since the whirlpool was still there, Roche strode over to the lake, knowing that this event was fey in origin, and thrust his fey sword into the waters, hoping for a response.

He got a response.

Three gigantic swan shaped water elemental surfaced and sped to attack Iomedaes champion. The battle lasted seconds…Io and Imajica each rendered an elemental helpless in some for or another and the remaining one was cut down quickly.

The longest part of the battle was waiting for the powerful spell Imajica placed on an elemental to wear off so it could be destroyed.

Once they were destroyed, the lake quickly returned to normal, but there was a corpse of a swan, emanating power still for some reason. As Roche got close to it, Evindra informed him that these were conduits for the fey power and they could also increase the power of his sword.

As she explained this fact, the sword absorbed some of the power and seemed to change, becoming cold iron.

Roche looked at the sword in awe and turned to the rest of the party to show them.

“What’s next?”



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