Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which I realise that fighting with my eyes closed is a bad idea

The worm man simply disappeared! Again!

Imajica and Khan were able to confirm that he had actually teleported rather than simply going invisible. Since we had no idea where he could have gone, we decided to get our group back in close proximity for any required healing.

While we did that, Imajica decided to check out one of the doors below the bridge we were all currently standing on. Healing done, everybody who could move (which turned out to be everybody since the paralysis had worn off) went downstairs to check out the door with imajica.

Thankfully nobody else was badly hurt with the area of reversed gravity wore off.

Of course, not everybody could simply fly down, so those that couldn’t made their way to the stairs and began their descent. I was carrying Io and about to fly down when the whole area was suddenly covered in a foul smelling mist, causing us to try and flee the area, or risk vomiting uncontrollably. The worm man was invisible and while we reeled back in shock, he moved through to the dining hall.

Or so I was told.

Carrying Io back to the bridge, I moved through the now open door, only to find numerous spells going off. While I couldn’t see the enemy, our casters spells helped at least locate his general position.

Of course, I never got close to him. Io cast a large zone of silence, forcing the enemy mage to retreat, right into the charge range of Rafe, who gleefully stabbed him as quickly as possible after Khan had cast yet another valuable spell on the creature.

Of course, Io finally decided that this combatant was too dangerous to let continue alive, so he cast a spell he has only talked to me about, but has resisted casting due to its awful power. The worm man exploded into wormy dust, his clothes and equipment dropping to the floor, completely unharmed.

I got the distinct impression the others were a little shocked at Io’s power, since all they had really seen prior to this was him healing and magically assisting them.

After clearing up the items (and Imajica gasping in excited glee), we continued on our way through the castle, looking for more of Nyrissa’s goons to cut down to size.

Realising that we had left an enclosed area back in the tower where Oret was unable to break through some vines and climb into a loft of some description.

We also needed rest and replenishment of spells, so that room seemed like a likely place to safely barricade ourselves.

Learion and Oret managed to break through the vines and a number of us stood under the trapdoor eagerly watching to see what Oret would find. Turns out he found something like a dirt dragon. It wasn’t really a dragon, but it was certainly shaped like one.

It vomited a huge amount of dirt over us while Oret was punching, kicking, elbowing and headbutting the thing as fast as he could as he was virtually trapped up there with it. I had stepped back to give the others some room and pleaded with Iomedae to grant me the power to heal my injured comrades. Thankfully she granted me a portion of her power to do so.

The next thing we knew, the dirt started streaming through the tiny opening in a veritable landslide, right over the only one left standing in its way. Rafe. Rafe bravely held up his blade in the hopes of harming the creature as it flowed past him. it appeared in conjunction with whatever else had harmed it in the preceding few seconds was enough to see it slice itself to death on his razor sharp blade.

A long rest later allowed everybody to recuperate a touch and Imajica to study his spell books for some more spells. I, along with Khan and Io, however, had to wait until their respective gods bestowed our daily allotment of spells back upon us.

While resting, I had a strange dream. I dreamed of some strange imp like creature in a room of watery something. It then exploded in a haze of watery essence. I have no idea what that means, but I jerked awake at that point.

Rested as well as we can be, we continued to travel through the castle. We stumbled on a lone fae, her eyes clearly removed from her hear, blood streamed down from her sockets. Rafe, Learion, Oret and even Khan managed to squeeze into the small room with her, cutting her down, but not before she screaming in agonizing fashion and exuded an aura of sickening horror.

Imajica quickly plugged the door behind us with an extremely powerful spell as several more of the same creature (nymphs of some description I’m told). With no way past the door, we had to wait until Imajica could dispel the effect and let us pass. That said, it sounded as though there was a huge amount of magical power being expended outside, so perhaps the portal served a valuable purpose in the meantime.

The door cleared again, I rushed through to try and provide cover for the others, but they screamed again and I shut my eyes in preparation of the worst….blind! I carefully opened my eyes again and everything was blurry. Focusing hard, I was able to blink away the haze and stared directly at the cursed women again, ready to defend my friends.



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