Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which plans...apparently ALL of them...come together

The day prior to the Rushlight Tournament led to some interesting times.

The first stop in our little excursion led us towards the art exhibition. Overhearing a discussion between Ashularae and another group of visitors did little to impart any real knowledge, so we made our way through the gallery. Not being a lover of art in any form, it was difficult to find something to hold my attention (I would not have gone at all had there not been a fairly insistent nudge from what must have been Iomedae).

Wandering aimlessly through the paintings I stumbled across a picture that looked strikingly like young Io, shortly after I found him in the village all those years ago. A quick discussion with Ashularae informed us that the King had lost a young son many years ago, and the timing seems strangely co-incidental. I requested an immediate audience with the King.

In the mean time, we had a look around the menagerie. While stocked full of beasts of renown and mystique, I found the display somewhat garish. They really should either be free, or destroyed if they are causing trouble. To parade them around like a trophy felt as though it diminished all involved.

I was also able to send a message via bird to Andromeda regarding what I had tentatively found out about Io.

The audience was granted and it took all of my diplomatic powers to have what appeared to be an extremely painful discussion with the King. The loss of his son still seemed to upset him greatly, even after all these years. The discussion ended on a somewhat threaten note with the King vowing to have Io returned to him. Perhaps the offer of information in good faith was not my wisest course at this time.

The day done, it was time to rest for the first day of the tournament. Imajica was first in all respects. His discipline (archery) was first, he was the first to shoot (and in combination with elven skill with a bow, some magic, and a little luck) and also able to finish in first place. Elklund immediately on the leaderboard.

Learion was second, partaking in the lumber chopping discipline and his tactics and sheer strength, combined with some of the better tactics netted him first place as well! Elklund was the current clear leader.

The boasting was next, and while I’m not one prone to boasting, I do have the most skill and experience in oratory, so it was deemed best for me to step up. Sadly, a middling performance left us in third place and therefore no points were garnered, but Elklund was still in the lead.

Last was the jousting, but in this, we had nobody capable. This really left a hail mary attempt, which was me, on a horse, with a lance. Suffice to say, it went badly and I have renewed respect for those who are skilled in this discipline. While I finished last, the unexpected victory over the previous years champion from Pitax left us with the most points and we were deemed the champions! In our first ever appearance!

A feast was held and our prize was presented. Drinking followed and at some point in the night, Learion disappeared and before he came back, a great cry came up from the Kings guard, claiming a competitor had been killed.

Of course, we all leaped to our feet, intending to rush to the aid, but the cries turned against us. WE were being blamed. With guards, heavily armed and armoured, approaching us from all sides, Learion missing, the situation has become dire…


Clarification: Last year’s jousting champion lost… meatbag.


That was supposed to say “over”, not “of”. I’d blame auto correct or Darren if I could, so I’m going to.


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