Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we break something new

We had a plan. It was simple. Kill as many of the evil Nymphs lieutenants as possible.

To that end, we, using the map Briar had conveniently placed in my head, trekked in a specific direction to try and find as many as possible before going to kill Nyrissa. We had killed some treants and a giant and made our way further into the Thousand Breaths towards what looked like the resting place of the Rook from our dreams.

We entered its domain and there was a large rock formation, approximately a mile high some distance ahead of us. We could clearly see the rook perched at the top of it. That rook was massive. Simply massive.

As soon as we moved further, it swooped off the perch and dive bombed us, snatching Learion in its beak, but not before Oret had teleported up to it and tried to punch it into submission. While the plan was brave, it lacked a little finesse and he promptly fell about two hundred feet to land on the forest floor. I can still hear the “thoooommmmm” in my sleep from when he landed.

Unfortunately, while we could see whether Oret was alive, the rook took Learion and looked to be taking him to a great height to simply drop to his death as well. I couldn’t let that happen, so I repeated my spell from the giant combat, transferring Learion and myself.

Right into the beak of the mammoth bird! And the strength in that beak was phenomenal. At least, if the bird did drop me, I would be able to fly away, relatively unharmed.

This turned out to be unnecessary. Imajica invoked a great spell and both the rook and I were teleported back to the ground, next to the group, with me out of the birds beak. A mighty spell and timely as well.

And since the rook was trapped on the ground for a few moments, the party laid into it with furious abandon and it was soon no more than a gargantuan corpse.

The only thing left to do was check and see if the rook had stored any items of use in its nest, far up near the top of the rock formation. I tried flying up, but was unable to do so. It appears that one must have certain powers to fly far in this dimension.

Oret kindly climbed to the top, and a long exhausting climb it must have been, because he simply didn’t have the strength to climb back down and fell almost the entire way…further than his fall from the rook, not so long prior…

That “whoommpphhh” still reverberates like tinnitus to this day. Io was all set to start raising the monk from death, but he rose, looking a lot worse for wear, and walked towards us, apparently able to survive falls that would kill anybody else.

We were about to gather our thoughts and carry on when the voices that had been going constantly suddenly stopped talking and started screaming. It felt as though I was being pulled apart molecule by molecule. Thankfully, I blacked out and woke to find myself (and the rest of the group) back in the Thousand Voices…our own realm, and the gateway to Nyrissa’s realm of the Thousand Breaths.

Khan suggested a rest in his mushroom dimensional pocket, and I gladly agreed. The trip had proved painful, and I was ready for a rest. Andromeda Niska appeared to be having some significant difficulty moving and conversing since the Thousand Breaths had been ripped from it’s own dimension and she also needed a rest. Khan cast the spell and then had a quick scout while we made ourselves comfortable.

Our rest was quickly interrupted by a frantic mole heaving itself into the area, flopping onto the earth and transforming back into Khan. He had been spotted and chased by the very black dragon we had been hunting.

Since there was no way the dragon could get into the area, and we were sorely needing rest, we simply camped for the evening, restless as it may have been.

Khan walked out and found himself in the darkness of fog. He tried a mighty spell to get rid of it, but was unsuccessful. He retreated and Io and imajica bravely stepped out to see if the Dragon had gone but found only fog as well. The fog didn’t last much longer as the two casters were breathed on by the dragon, and both suffered terrible acid burns and stumbled back into the pocket dimension.

After some clerical healing and a multitude of powerful spells to increase our combat effectiveness and resistances, we all charged out to face the dragon.

It was a mighty beast, and was clearly a powerful spell caster in its own right. Thankfully, while it was extremely difficult to penetrate its thick scales, we were able to wear it down and it looks like the fall of the Thousand Breaths impacted on it as well, slowing it enough that we could get close enough to hit it with everything we had, spells and weapons alike.

It was unable to fly away and this ultimately cost its life. This was easily the most difficult combat I can remember, and it seems as though there is only more to come as some of the more perceptive of the group spotted a disgusting hag coming out of the surrounding forest as well…



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