Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we continue to move towards our goal, room by room

Once I opened my eyes, the fight went much more smoothly. Not for me, you must understand, as I swung Briar to no avail, but I could at least see my valiant companions cutting down these evil fae as though they were stalks of wheat.

Learion kept his eyes down and swung lustily, Rafe, blinded by the fae, but somehow as precise as ever, pierced defence after defence and Oret, nimble Oret, moved through the throng of women like quicksilver and bludgeoned them senseless.

Our casters were more sensible and simply hung back, knowing there was very little they could add, and they only risked being blinded for little reason.

Once the blinded nymphs were dispatched, we searched their room thoroughly. There was a little bit of magic, but only Imajica seemed interested in it, as it was a magical dress of some form. Oret did managed to grab a beautiful dress for his bride to be as well. And a strange collection of tiny musical instruments was also collected, one of which was a magical horn of some description.

There was plenty more searching as we moved from room to room, expanding our search for Nyrissa. It was becoming more obvious that she might not even be here in the castle, which left me confused as to where she might be.

It was at this point that we walked into a good sized room that looked to have been converted into a water clock that size of the room, with a small library around the walls. A blue imp creature was inside, busily fluttering around.

It wasn’t sure we should be there, but between Imajica, Learion and Rafe, the group was able to get it to provide us with some information. But while they were talking, something about this nagged at my subconscious…my dream! This was the creature and room in my dream!

Suddenly, the imp clasped its hand over its mouth and I recognised this immediately and ducked behind my shield. Before I could warn the others, the imp exploded and covered the room and any nearby with the blue watery fluid of its demise.

We did learn that Nyrissa was likely to be in her own pocket dimension of sorts. This could only be reached by touching certain objects in the castle in a certain order. Four objects in particular. The imp expired before we could be told what and where the objects were and what order they needed to be touched. But at least we had more of a clue than moments prior.

More exploration followed and we ended up stairs on the third level. This whole level rundown and walls were crumbling, holes through everything and there was even a flitter of movement.

Learion immediately called out for his father and got a response. He wisely asked a follow up question, but this wasn’t answered, so we assumed the worst. Well, most of us did. Imajica betrayed a lack of patience that we have seen on occasion from him (and somewhat unusual for an elf at that) and he stalked straight through the very door the voice came from…

…and was immediately turned to stone.

Looking around, it was suddenly obvious that many of the stone things around the place were, in fact, statues, and probably were once alive before coming across whatever foul thing was in the room.

Imajica wasn’t the only one to fall foul of the power. Rafe stepped into the room as well and immediately turned to stone as well.

Io provide the statue of Imajica with a semblance of life, animating the stone and directing it to attack what it could see. Khan filled the room with fog to protect the others from seeing her, as I flew over the rubble, looking directly at a snake headed woman, the snakes in place of her hair, waving around, ready to bite.

I felt the love of Iomedae wash over me. Clearly I had been protected from something, likely the very affliction that hampered Imajica. The foul woman disappeared into the fog, but I had spotted her moments before so I was able to follow her easily.

While I had little success killing her, I was able to guide others to her location. Learion stumbled along carefully averting his eyes from the woman, and Rafe practically skipped over the rubble after Io had managed to break the enchantment over him. Oret rushed forward as well and between us, we cornered her.

She was trapped!

And she died. Sword blows landed, fists and knees hammered home and she slumped to the ground, dead within seconds.

Still, she was dead, but we had a statue to try and restore into an elf. How are we supposed to do that? Io explained he only had one spell that could fix the problem and he had cast it on Rafe. The situation looked dire.



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