Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we discover Imajica has a maze fetish

Traveling back to Shrike City, we started to look further into our issues with blooms.

Our luck held and our request for a specialist in Blooms had garnered a recipient. An elderly Druid who had spent many years researching blooms in Pitax before King Castruccio Irovetti outlawed certain books and stopped the research dead in its tracks since the books were destroyed.

We questioned the man and it appeared true that he was the foremost expert. His request was simple. He’d gladly help us in exchange for a piece of treant that had been struck by lightning. A strange request to be sure, but we’ve dealt with other strange requests over the years.

A quick trip back to the Eberheart family farm was on the cards. I wanted to ensure that we got a fair cost of the destruction caused by the last bloom and replace those destroyed crops from kingdom funds to ensure our subjects could continue to provide for both themselves and those who purchased from them. I’ve got the figures and it will be dealt with in the next treasury meeting.

Our next step was to return to Pitax to allow our new researcher to continue his work. This made for a short trip up to Ashularae home village. I was determined to make things right and earn her loyalty so that we would have a talented agent working for us for more than simple money, as she has done previously.

The village was still standing when we arrived, but damaged in parts (although nothing to stop in being a functioning village), and sans the actual living villagers. I’ve seen plenty of destruction and death, but the sight of a whole village destroyed by rampaging wyverns was still shocking, and I caught Io holding back emotions as well.

We began to search, and somebody had the clever idea to search for tiefling remains as this would shorten the search considerably as there were not many of them.

While searching, we were ambushed by two headed ogres and a satyr. Thankfully Imajica’s warning allowed us to react quickly and Oret’s leadership gave us a vital jump on the newly found enemy.

We have seen Imajica grow in power from a small rainbow flinging elf to a mighty eleven wizard, an archmage in his own right now. But he seems to have developed a liking for sending enemies to another realm, or maze, as he calls it. The spell seems simple enough to cast as the verbal components appear to be simply asking the unlucky recipient if they are a Minotaur.

The satyr, unfortunately for him, was not, and he duly disappeared. That left us with a large number of two headed ogres (I’m told they are called ettins). Several spells, some huge fire elementals and some impressive sword play from both Learion and our newest companion, Rafe, dispatched the remaining. Even when half a dozen more appeared from behind us, they realised the error of their ways and fled, only to be cut down by the fine blade of Rafe as they ran.

All that was left was the satyr. He appeared shortly after the fire elementals winked out of existence again. And promptly was slashed, magicked and turned into a tortoise, before almost immediately being blinded, turned back into a satyr and died, without even getting off an attack.

We have started to become truely fearsome in how well our party deals with threats.

We also managed to find ourselves the family we were looking for and after asking their permission to bring them back from the dead, Io raised them all. Now we just need to escort them to their daughter in Pitax to ensure we have kept our part of the bargain.



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