Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which weddings and blooms collide

While there was nothing immediately found in the ruins, I stayed to look further while others wandered off. Magic appeared to be the most useful way to find more information, but much like the mundane eyes, nothing more could be found.

It was at this point that the search was given up and the trip home was started…with a new companion as well. Khan had picked himself up a pixie, that seemed most fascinated with his helm.

Although apparently it was Learion that found her. Or rather, heard her crying. It seems as though a man made of worms came through the portal (and he wasn’t the only one to come through a portal, as our friends the satyr and ettins came through one as well) and kidnapped all her sisters. She had been hoping that we would open a portal so she could fly through and rescue her sisters.

With our assurance that we would rescue her sisters, she accompanied Khan via his helm back to Shrike City to stay in the palace, ostensibly for her safety.

James Tanaster held a private, family meeting with Learion, but it wasn’t a long one. Learion had his thoughts of his father confirmed and James suggested that we take Andromeda Niska to the Thousand Breaths and leave her there as she appeared to be the link to other realm.

His first option was to simply kill her…

Thankfully Learion outright refused that. After a talk with her, it was decided (she made the decision) that she stay in the palace, with a couple of scrolls of teleport, an army and at least two guards with her at all times, just for her protection. Extravagant, but the juice is worth the squeeze apparently.

Word comes from the swamps near Varnhold. The kindly bog striders were being killed by mammoth worms. Thankfully, aside from their humongous size, they were not too much of a threat, although one did try to eat Learion. Once they were killed, they grotesquely continued to writhe, even as they shrunk back to their original size.

The return to Varnhold allowed the bog striders to return home safe again. But our families were apparently not safe! All the women in the wedding organisational party had been kidnapped by a troll…I pity that Troll. Clearly Steve has not managed to get the word out to all of Stevekind. Imajica may be in line for a wee talking to…



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