Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Into One Thousand Voices and Beyond

So after saving my queen we found another bloom trophy and rescued some pixies trapped within it.

We escorted the ladies to Pitax and headed off to try the gate to the first world. We were joined at the gate by Andromeda. She has taken a very heroic view that if she puts our plane at risk its best she comes with us to try and fix the problem. Io was a little upset she was with us but I can see what he sees in her. Should she survive I think a reward would be fitting.

When we get to the gate it shimmers and bursts into live like some copyrighted science fiction gate that shall remain nameless. Planegate does not quite sound right though.

Through we go. Fuck its noisey here. Once we get there I immediately touch the bloom trophies to Briar as this seems to make it more useful and I am hoping it closes the gate so that we can move on towards our goal without leaving an open portal for who knows what to head to our homeland and destroy it. This results in the portal shutting down yay and Briar getting stronger yay??? It also results in Briar becoming intelligent and distracting our Paladin a fair bit.

Briar does give our Paladin the map of this kingdom which is good cause we would have no fucking idea where to go otherwise. We set off down the path and notice some very uniform and un-natural looking trees. a few hours later Lerian states "Hmm if those trees were moving I would swear they were Treants and then they bloody moved didn’t they.

We quickly disposed of the 5 or so Treants and took our trophy and they were clearly Lightning Struck Treants given they cast lightning spells. another 3 or 4 hours on and we come across a 4 armed Frost Giant. He put up a reasonable fight but we quickly dispose of him as well. Not that the mage/wizard dude did much.

So what will we face next…



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