Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Love is in the air

all the girls get together

Well it’s that time, time for our little rock to get married.
He is super excited about it too. Never seen him so giddy.
All the lady’s including my wife have gone to Pitax to set the scene and get everything ready for the big day. It promises to be a day full of fun and festivities.

While they are getting the place ready the rest of us went to see what we could do about the Tiefling parents but before we went the Real Druid we sent for showed up. After a short interview he was set to work. He did set us a task of finding a book that was written by a man years back who is the only known person to visit 1000 breaths and come back. Should make for some interesting reading.

Off to the the village that was attacked by Wyvern’s.
We arive and the place lookes like….. well it had been attacked by a back of Wyvern’s. Body parts everywhere.
We were having a good look around when we were ambushed!.

A satyr and many ettin, hell bent on ending our existence.

By the look of the gear on the Satyr we were in for a tough fight but Imajica to the rescue and good bye Satyr you are off to a maze for a wile. The Ettin’s we dispatched with some ease as I think they were to look to the Satyr for inspiration and coordination.
We surrounded the area we knew the Satyr was to return to and made ready our attacks.
He came back and got a few good waloping form most of us and was looking rather unwell.
He then got turned into a turtle by the druid to the displeasure of Imajica who then yelled at the druid and told the rest of us to STOP attacking the poor little turtle. Reason was all the gear was now inside the turtle and he really wanted it’s bow. So he did some magic reverse thing and the turtle was now a Satyr again and got smashed once again. Good thing too I now have a magical helmet that allows me to teleport so I am a happy chappy.



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