Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

No more Reindeer for Stag Lord

So there they were, a mishmash group of adventurers setting their individual gazes upon the Bastion of Bandit Badness. Ringed with natural barriers on most access points the only noticeable way in would be by frontal assault. Quandary was, to the manned gates or chance their luck with an alternative. ‘Lets go guys, fuck em up by frontal assault’ was one option ventured. ‘No go with subterfuge and trick them!’ was another. Or perhaps the side. Or by air. By sea? God lets go underground…‘I know charge em! The minds were changed so often that the poor casters had aneurisms trying to plan their spells for the big showdown.
One, at this point of proceedings, could not be blamed for contemplating what could’ve been if the intolerant self righteous Paladin hadn’t ripped out the captured bandits tongues with his sword. On the way of making him swallow it..
Anyhows the plan was hatched and given life like a disabled duckling. Under cover of night and spell made fog the party crept in from the flank. Eh this is to easy. Till the zombies showed up that is. Like on a walking dead show the walking dead closed in hungry for their prey. Meh easy pickings for the heroes. Cept they couldn’t see. Ah well details like that bring colour to an otherwise gloomy fight. Party members dead 0 ; Zombies slain = many.
Reaching the palisade the Elf casts his helpful rope spell and after the monk finished any chance of the bad guys impersonating ‘The Great Escape’ over the top they went. Picking off the rear guard one by one the group slowly arrive to an inevitable conclusion. The fight with the Stag Lord and his minions would be fought in earnest with neither side holding a clear advantage.
Entering the inner sanctums the final die are cast and a mighty, albeit very localized, battle ensues. The quickly learned druid blasts away a cylindrical arena of debris and the lowbies are silenced instantaneously. Leaving the Lord and his Lieutenants. Charging the rogue and preventing him loosing a ravaging owlbear leans the fight in our heroes favour. However some nasty sneaky ranged attacks from the Lord quickly wipe smug looks from their faces.
Luckily the party have the advantage of ‘Most Standout Magic in a Short Campaign’ nominations. So through magic healing, missiles and Bull Strength the group slowly batter down their opponents. Once one of them sees what is just and joins the fight against the bandits the end comes all to soon. The Stag Lord is no more..
As well as the new found loot, the party find themselves with a workable fortified base and the assistance of a fallen Paladin. One who is willing to atone for his past misdeeds and guard the newly reborn temple a close distance away. Luckily for Roache he accepts the offer for if his tendency to violate first and ask questions later came through the Elf was going to colour spray his ass. Which would have probably proven to be ineffective but at least there would be pretty rainbow in this otherwise gloomy night.
All that stands in their way of total loot freedom is a crazy old man in the dungeon below..



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