Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Learien Tanaster last will and testament

Letter sent by magical bird to the leader of the centaur by Learien Tanaster.

To our faithful allies the Centaur.

I first wish to thank you for your friendship over the past few years. Your great tribe has stood with our budding Nation in its most dire of times with little in return.

You tribe held the defense of town at great cost to your own forces, again with little in return.

And now I ask one more favor of you.

Please deliver the continence of this letter to Ekho Tanaster at Shrike City one week from receiving this letter.
If I am there at the Time of you delivering this I shall to the best of my ability try to see that your tribe is adequately reimbursed for it service to our nation and see that you are noted in our history books and state in our law that the sovereignty of your lands shall never be touched by our nation or any other and if that should happen Elkland shall come to its defense.
Should I not be there Ekho I task you with this honor and our two nations will need to band together once more to face its most dire of threats.

Private letter to Ekho Tanaster:

If you are reading this we have failed and I and the rest of our group have perished.
I wright this at the time of our combat with Narrisa the Nymph. Obviously she was too powerful and all knowledge we have gathered has been lost with us, so I am letting you know what I at least can remember.
She is based in the 1000 Voices region.
In the now restored castle of Knives.
We managed to somehow rip 1000 Breaths into our plane of existence.
We have cleared the keep / castle of knives and found that she is in some pocket dimension with very specific way inside.
there are four objects in the keep with some sort of magic surrounding them.
tree outside, A bed, A shallow well of water near the rear of the keep upstairs and the throne.
I am unsure if we need to do in and order but from what our mage is saying it looks like we can do one at a time.
You can apparently access by one person touching the object and others wishing to go through as well touching them, and thinking of an image.
Hopefully these do not change.
Well = lying in the grass looking up at the sun.
Throne = sitting in the throne with a big crowed in front of you.
Bed = two people having sex in the bed
Tree = TO COME ( possibly a bird trees on gaming table at bobs place)

I’m am unsure what we are going to face in there so I am of little help to let you know what to expect.
My advise is expect anything. The only help I can pass on is If she is a spell caster use what ever protection you can find for that, if she is a warrior do what you can. Maybe a mix.
One thing she can do is make you blind. Take people that can fight without sight.
And take a lot of people.
You will need people that can detect magic.
Take one or two of our army’s if need be.
If we fail again she could take over our lands.

If you are successful and recover our body’s I leave you my Great sword and my Fey Bane Great sword.

To our little one I leave my Teleporting helmet may she use it to get in and out of trouble some day.

To Jubilost Narthropple I leave my mapping supply’s

To Durz I leave my codpiece my it forever protect that witch he holds most dear.

To my brother James Tanaster I leave my Armour may it protect him as it did me.

Top Oleg Leveton I leave all my alcohol as the one who helped us first many years ago.

And finally I impart some words of wisdom from my time on this Plane of existence

( hit your enemy harder and faster than they can you and you shall prevail )



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