Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Of kobolds and men

During the moment when the departure of Durz was mourned it was noted that they were in need of a new recruit. As if on cue like a bad panto show a would be candidate stepped forward out of the grey mist. His name was Roach and according to him he was a Ser in the making and would be a fine addition. Seeing how the only other likely was a dubious half orc the decision by Learien was initially a straight forward one. Until the Elf exclaimed it was him or the orc which made the process a bit delayed. As tempting an opportunity as it was to be relieved of the wizard common adventurer sense prevailed and the new formation boasted a mighty Paladin.


Once investigations proved of the importance of the newly acquired ivory statuette the party thought it was time to pay the kobold home base a visit. Somehow it was pertinent to their conflict with the not so mighty mites. Gaining an audience with the leader and his spiritual adviser through its possession proved its relevance. However just as thinks looked relatively simple the party experienced a wtf moment.

Turns out the shammy was in fact a kooky gnome with more than half a brain who was using his powers to manipulate the kobolds through their enforced worship of the false idol. His maniacal, though small scale, plans of revenge were coming to fruition when the party spoiled his party. Sensing a small hitch to his domineering plans of a small localized kobold empire he sprung his surprize and ordered his minions to attack.

Luckily he was more daft than craft and the heroes overcame the whelps with relative ease. With natural order restored the Chief of Clan (ex Sharptooth) tasked them to once and for all rid the area of the mite infestation. If successful they offer their allegiance to the group and their future endeavors. This was helped in part to the fact the party subdued the kobolds rather than just killing them. Perhaps Durz wont be so missed after all.

Loot n Stuff of note.
-Cold iron sickle for the Druid and funds to afford him an armour upgrade. Natural Tank Boy has arrived
-Wand of Magic Missile. Quickly appropriated by the Elf.

Now at this stage some points need to be mentioned. One is that the party is continuously thwarted by moving water. At any meeting of the local river the party treks miles to go around the obstacle. Another are the bandits. While they cant be the cream of their kind the local banditry leave a bit to be desired. Which doesn’t necessarily justify the treatment dealt to them at times. As long as its written on a paper its lawful and if its done quickly by sword then all good. Btw note to all bad guys, if you have any info to share then would pay to say so quickly. Some party members been known to dispatch criminals mid sentence. No mucking around please..

A night time raid by bandits proved no more successful then other efforts. With hungry melee savoring to wet blade and gloves the adventurers roused efficiently from slumber to dish out carnage. Through it all the Druid rained chaos of mist and entangle bits, all the while gleefully making a pot of tea.

The Chamber Under the Tree was located and wrapping their courage around them set forth to vanquish the subterranean enemy. Over a mighty chasm of 20 feet the sides met. Small size, lack of ammo and CC ability made the outcome no contest. Even letting loose their rabid pet centipede and throwing climb checks at the heroes didnt help much. Once the wizard turned the might of Evocation upon them they were stricken down in droves.

In the end the party has secured the fealty of the kobolds and greatly rid the area of vagrants and bandits. Having accurate intel on the names and whereabouts of the bandit chief and his lieu means their time will some come and his fate will mirror that of the under dwellers. Spurred by the promises of greater fame and claims for land the party draw the noose around the target and his mob.




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