Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Off to the gate we go

After defeating the Frost giants we examined the massive monolith that stood before us to figure out why the snow had not dissipated and that when we looked at it we saw the names of people we cared about engraved into it, Imajica worked his magic and the monolith became blank and it was still snowing. While Roche took me up for a fly around to check for more clues Rafe decided he was going to attack it and started to chip away, Learian decided it looked like fun and he to joined in, then Khan and Imajica stepped up and started throwing spells at it and eventually the monolith shattered into thousands of shards and one of those shards glowed. which meant that that part was the bloom so Roche placed his sword upon it.

Learian put it to the group that he wanted to go check out the gate at 1000 voices, so we voted and it was a yes but we would call in at home first before we went and when we got back the researches had news for us and it was very helpful. As we were about to leave Andromeda came running up to us with ripped cloths and scratches explaining that big plants are attacked her house, when we got near her house a good section of land was also cover in vines and thorns, we through a few ideas at it but nothing seemed to be doing much to it so Roche took me for a fly ( i was the wind beneath his wings ) to see if we could spot anything from above, as we flew over i spotted 3 large creatures with 3 arms. Roche came up with the idea that we should split into 3 teams and attack them, Khan was keeping one occupied Roche and Rafe went for one of the others which left the last one for Learian, Imajica, Io and myself. Imajica turned into a dragon so we jumped on and headed off. Once defeated they dissolved into the ground, Imajica took Io and myself to Khan and was going to go back to collect Learian but when we got there, there was a sheep and a dog so it would appear Khan was successful in his task as well. After getting the ok we killed the sheep and again it dissolved into the ground and then from that sprouted a pod and in the pod was a smaller version of what we had just fought so we killed that as well we then went and destroyed the other two before they could cause any more trouble, one of them glowed which meant this was a bloom but we kept this one away from the sword as we were told by the researches that we will need at least 3 to open the gate.

Once the vines and thorn disappeared we headed back to the city only to be welcomed by the towns folk who had watch the battle unfold, with the celebrations over we teleported to Pitax and made our way to the elven ruins and on the way we ran into some fey dragons who were after some berries and some of them followed us. When we got there all we saw was crumbled ruins but when we went through the gate the place seemed to be immaculate, Roche worked out that it was and illusion and that it was just a ruin.



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