Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

The King is dead Long live the King

Its Oret

I had had enough of waiting at the back. The spell users were making it less than ideal to go and stand toe to toe with the ogers so i went to see if i could strike them from behind.

After a bit of walking and going through MORE doors i managed to find another way into the hall where the enemy were fighting.
There were also many more guards. Thinking it would be foolish to charge at them i decided to snip them with my crossbow.
But before i could let one bolt loose they all surrendered.

After a little chat they showed us a secret door and said that where the king goes for the night.

The floor plan to this place is insane we were greeted with a plethora of doors.

There were doors leading in every direction. The King ( ours ) decided to clear the main floor before venturing down however this did not stop him taking a detour up a flight of stairs at his first possible chance ( yes i smell hypocrisy upon you sir ) we were then attacked by a nasty looking cat thing. Apparently it was nasty but our mage took one look at this nasty cat thing and decided to turn it into a sheep….. A SHEEP and what is worse or better depending on how you look at it the nasty cat thing now thinks she is a Sheep.

I do fear this is not the last we will see of this now Sheep.

Eventually we went down one of the stairwells only to find the king and his pet naga.
I let out some inspiring words to the party to make them hit any target with precise accuracy hopeing to end this fight quick.

Well it didn’t. Hitting, Grappling, Bamphing, Fire, Scrolls, Healing, Pushing, natching of teeth and finally he dies.

He had spent nearly all the kingdoms money on himself and whatever he was after.
His last words were “she did not come for me” we surmise it is the Fey lady that is after the sword. The sword we now have it was in a secret area of his room.

Now i think we need to appoint the old family’s leadership rolls under our command of Pitax at least until we know what and how we are going to deal with this Fey creature that has caused so much grief.

And i need to know if it is her that has been impersonating me and my family and what really happened to my farther.



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