Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

The puzzle pieces are falling into place

Who knew Druids had such distrust.

After the Ettin fight we went home to rest.
Had some weird dream, killed a bird with my rattle felt at ease again.

We went to see if the Druid we hired had come up with anything. Our Druid has such distrust for this other Druid he wants him to cast a spell to make sure he is in fact a Druid.
anyway he had some information… but you gusset it, it came a a cost.
The Druid had located a book. It was in the hands of a Lady ( if you could call her that ) in Pitax, an art lover, this coming from someone in Pitax did not stand her in good stead.
We had the meeting with her and she would hand over the book if she could have her name on one of the “Art” building’s we have but not in Pitax. She wanted her family name associated with good art again. This seamed like an easy request and so it was made so.

A few days later in our capital one of our art building’s was renamed, there was a big renaming ceremony and all was good with the world. She was happy we were happy that was until we got the book and it was missing the last page….sigh

We looked through the book and we saw that is struck a passing resemblance to what had been happening to our kingdom the past few weeks.
Looked a little closer at the beginning of the book and we now know the possible location of where to go to enter 1000 breaths. Through a gate in the location known as 1000 voices thanks to our Ranger for the knowledge on that area.
That was enough for me, We had the sword, we had the location, lets give it a go because blooms are ramping up, yes each time we defeat one we are making the sword better but we might be making this Fey Lady better too, who knows?
But we decide to find the final page first.
In doing so we managed to find my Father… he seams to be blind and serving some green skin elf or elf’s best guess he is in 1000 breaths and blind because of a Nymph as our Druid also went blind as soon as he saw it.
So dads is alive and was after the book too and possibly in 1000 breaths. How he got there is maybe on the last page of the book. Utter utter bastard he is alive and never sort me out…. we will have words.

Bloom alert Bloom alert! Snow in the middle of summer This resembled a page in the book so off we go and try to kill some nasty Frost Giants.



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