Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

The start of a mighty quest

The Second

From the memory of Durz, the mighty warrior:

I met my fellow explorers when Laerion the explorer was searching for able bodied people to help him explore some wilderness. Apparently he had trouble and couldn’t find any useful people. Luckily for him, I, the mighty Durz was available to help. I have ploughed all the fair (and not so fair!) wenches and have nothing left to conquer in this wee hamlet. It was time to make my mark on this world once again and prove to the ancestors that I am worthy to join them in the horde in the sky.

Our first task was to defend a granary. The local wildlife dragged up a man in the form of a wild druid. He said something about getting a fix when I informed him who he had the pleasure of meeting. Perhaps this man can find something to take the edge off since it has been several days since I was last with a wench. If so, he may become a most valuable travelling companion! We also met a strange man wearing girlish robes and mittens. He seemed stoic or shy, but by the horde in the sky, he punches well! Perhaps I can convince him to try a real weapon and swing an axe like a true man…and lose the mittens and perhaps actually wear something that resembles combat wear. In fact, the next bear we find, I shall kill it, offer its soul to the horde and gift it to this Oret fellow. A mighty warrior such as I should lead by example after all.

While gambling, some petty thugs threatened me. Me!?! Fools. I gave them leave to talk for a moment and then decided they obviously wanted the silence of death, and went to give it to them.

Some fool made weeds grow from beneath my feet and by the hells it was a pain to trample through. Still, that is one patch of weeds that will rue ever crossing the path of Durz! A lucky blow from a teacup sized human wounded me. While I was never in any real danger, the scar is mightily impressive and shall serve as yet another reminder of my prowess.

With the granary safe and the town full of conquered wenches behind us, Learion bade us move South to explore the lands and execute the bandits in the area. At last! Real action. The horde shall drown in the blood of vanquished enemies!

We came across a small settlement and were greeted in the proper manner by the local wench. There must be something wrong with her though, because she didn’t seem to understand why I gave her coins. Perhaps she is simply so grateful to see me that she doesn’t require payment? I will pursue this further when I come back.

In the mean time, a sour man with a pleasing interest in slaughter asked for my help to deter some brigands demanding tribute in the form of food. When I suggested the best deterrent was bodies mounted on sharp spikes, he agreed and thus, a deal was struck!

The others saw my fearless example and followed my lead. There was to be a glorious ambush and slaughter! Four bandits, fools that they were, wandered straight into my trap and lo, it was sprung. Unfortunately Learion was unable to catch one man, but we slaughtered three of them and they now serve as a warning for any other lackwits who think to take advantage of a place I am wenching.

For now, it is a good nights rest, possibly some of this fix from the druid, tree man and if I’m lucky, the wench will join me as well. Tis a good night to be Durz!


Nice update. You earnt us XP! And made me chuckle. :-)

The start of a mighty quest

TIL Imajica is the elvish word for Brian The Elf.

The start of a mighty quest

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