Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

What goes up must ..... umm stay up?

So we are in the keep and Imagica starts showing an interest in Flora and Fauna so I decide it my be best to stay with him for a bit in case he did something he shouldn’t to the trees. Eventually we return to the room with the pool of water. As we head on in further things look decidedly familiar. These are the halls I say in my vision when I Scried for Poppa Tanister. So the guys decide we should head up stairs to try and clear out as many of the Fey Bitches Minions as possible. The trouble is these halls look exactly the same. A few small empty rooms later we find a couple of Wyverns having a bit of a chat in the dining room. We quickly dispatched them but not before some of us took a bit of damage. We all thought we were in for something cool when we found a secret door. Unfortunately it only lead to servants quarters which were all empty aswell. A bit later we come upon an Angel, he seemed to be saying stuff that didnt make sense and it was as if he didnt really want to say it. Before the confrontation became deadly I cast Greater Dispel Magic and poof he was gone. But then we got attacked by a mage with the worst case of worms I have ever seen. Interestingly he cast anti gravity which caused a bit of an interesting combat. Just when we were getting on top he vanished… To be continued.



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