Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Where do they sleep??

Trolls, big old Trolls

The fight with the champion was over nearly before it began a few wacks from the pally and myself and it was good night for him.
It was then just a matter of cleaning up the rest of his men.

After the initial fight we then spread out looking for the king as fast as we could ( there are so many doors this could take some time )

I opened up a set of double doors with two very naked lady’s on a bed.

Looking quite fearful i put them at ease with a “stay put and no body needs to get hurt” in a nice way of course then closed the doors to continue the search.

Listing very carefully we noticed some doors opening and closing behind us the pally, monk and myself took care of the first few with a spell placed by the druid.

Then the pally went off to see what the Mage was up to.

About 18sec later i hear some laughing coming from the other end of the room.
I am told something about stupid trolls and a magical pit of death in the ground – Guess you had to be there.

The laughing stopped soon after when the rest of Pitax showed up including about 10 trolls ?? where do they all sleep???? all of them to kill us and the man himself made an appearance ….

This will end soon one way or the other.


With all those doors the place is literally full of rooms, there’s plenty of room for them to sleep. In the room marked “Steve.”

Where do they sleep??

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