Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Will the real Druid please stand up

As we were about to head off to find the Tiefling’s parents a Druid turns up, apparently we sent for someone to help us with the blooms, he had been studying them in Pitax before all copies of the book a 1000 breaths were ordered to be destroyed. Questioned by Roche it would appeared that he was an expert, but he had a request, he would help us in exchange for a piece of treant that had been struck by lightning. A strange request but we agreed and a deal was struck.

With a quick side trip to drop the Druid off we headed out for the task in hand, as we reached the village it was not a pretty site, we started looking for the Tiefling’s parents remains when we were ambushed by a bunch of Ettins and a Satyr. Imajica made the fight easier by sending the Satyr into a maze and then we made short work of the Ettins, we then prepared for the Satyr return. Because we were ready for him he got a bit of a hammering to start with a few good shots put in by him, then the Khan turned him into a turtle, which upset Imajica and he told us not to kill him until he could turn him back something to do with lute, and if we killed him in that form everything would that’s the way he would stay and the lute would be gone, so we held off. When he was back to his normal self we finished him off



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