Andromeda Niska

Wild child witch


The changeling offspring of a hag, Andy was destined for horrible things until she was rescued by the original Swamp Witch. She was raised in the cultured household of a cleric, she has lost nearly all of her social graces in the 5 years she has been living in the swamp. Like many of her kind she is tall and skinny, with pale skin, dark hair, and heterochromiac eyes.

After getting off on the wrong foot with the party, Andy choose to help them when they were in trouble, and they in return assisted her by saving another baby from being sacrificed to a hag, killing Andy’s original adoptive mother in the process. The party has asked Andy to stay closer to town in order to keep an eye on the changeling baby that the hag had swapped in for her intended sacrifice.

Andromeda Niska

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