Io Brightheart

Roche Brighthearts adopted son


Io, named as a reminder to Roche that he failed his first major quest for his god, Iomedae, is a human male, reasonably young at this stage. He is entering his manhood and has been given leave by the church of Iomedae to join Roche in the outside world.

He has always been a touch quiet and introverted. Once he gets to know somebody, he is a very chatty and happy young man.

He studies seriously, hoping to make his father proud, not really realising that he easily outstrips Roche in understanging Iomedae. While less of a traveller, he does desire to get out in the world and bring the word of his god to the people and help those that need it as well.

He is about five foot nine and of a slight build. Dark hair and pale skin are a feature due to the time spent in cloister.

While part of the church training included weapons, he always passed, but does not excel. Divine knowledge and the ability to heal all but the most grevious wounds has long been his talent.


Io Brightheart

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