Khan Getafix

Human Druid


Little is known of Khan Getafix’s past.

Things that are commonly known…

  • He likes to have a bit of fun and wind party members up
  • He has a lot to learn about AOE
  • He appears to have no family though his name would suggest someone of Asian and Francish decent

What is unknown so far…
He actually does have family but while travelling with them as a child became seperated due to an unfortunate incident where he went for a walk in the forest and got lost. Due to a magic curse caused by drinking from a waterskin he found on that walk he lost all memory of his family and continued to wander. He eventually found a hermit who took him in and trained him. The hermit was a powerful Druid. He was however unable to break the curse. If asked about his family he is never sure waht to answer and sometimes can get quite upset and agressive.
The druid passed away about a year ago and Getafix has been travelling since then looking to make his way in the world.

Khan Getafix

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