Kisandra Numesti

Fugitive Aristocrat


Kisandra Numesti, the daughter of Lord Terrion Numesti, a knight and aristocrat of Brevoy, caught wind of Drelev’s plan to attack Tatzlford and realized it was time for her to act. Until recently, her father commanded Fort Drelev’s garrison. When he defied the baron’s orders and refused to ally with Armag or allow his daughter to serve as a hostage, he was thrown into the dungeon. Now, with her father jailed and her Friend held by Armag’s savages, Kisandra has come to warn Tatzlford.


“My name is Kisandra Numesti. I come from the Drelev, west of here on the far side of Hooktongue Slough—it was established by Baron Hannis Drelev of Brevoy. My father is Lord Terrion Numesti, a knight who once served the baron but then went against him and was thrown into the dungeon as punishment.”

“Baron Drelev sent troops, along with a group of Tiger Lord barbarians and some enormous trolls! I pretended to be one of them until they drew near, then slipped away to warn you.”

“Baron Drelev did this to save himself. And so he can claim all you’ve built for his own gain. Drelev surrendered to the barbarians and the Lord of Pitax so they wouldn’t overrun his kingdom. I suspect he sees attacking you as a way to prove his worth to his new master, but he’s always been jealous of your success. He covets just about anything he deems more valuable than what he already has. I’m afraid your nation is no exception.”

“Any loyalty I may have once owed to Baron Drelev died as soon as he ordered those savages to take me and imprison my father for refusing to obey his orders. To tell the truth, I hoped that by warning you I might earn your favor and obtain aid in freeing them, but even if you choose not to help me, I can’t sit idly by and watch as that madman attacks this village.”

Kisandra Numesti

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