Learien Tanaster

Great Guy, noble, loves big swords


Brought up in this brothers shadow, Learian was neither as strong, nor as intelligent in his Fathers eyes as his Brother Jamie Tanaster.

For years being his brothers sparing target dummy made Learian resilient and strong and gave him the incentive to join the local Town Guard.

One night on patrol Learian was told by his brothers squire that Jamie and their father had disappeared without any trace.

Learian vowed to find them, and thus prove to his father that he was indeed worthy of the name Tanaster. He sunk most of the Family fortune into training, gear and investigators to get ready and find out anything he could to restore his family.

The only thing he could find was a trail leading to the stolen lands. He knew he would need help and a steady income to find anything on his brother and fathers whereabouts.

Learien Tanaster

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