Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

A New Friend

So the ruins provided nothing for us. As we searched however Lerian found a crying Pixie whos sisters had been captured by a man made of worms and taken back to the other plane. She took a liking to me and returned with us to the Palace for her own safety. We will try and rescue them when we manage to get to the First World.

When we return to the capital Lerian is approached by his brother who wants to take our friendly Witch to the First World and kill her as he things she is a link that can cause ultimate disaster. We rejected that plan. While discussing options we are made aware of another Bloom in the swamps. The Bog Striders are being killed by huge worms. We travel to Varnhold and quickly dispatch the worms and retain another bloom trophy to help us travel to the First World.

On our return home we receive word that all our ladies have been captured by some trolls. So we are off to sort that now.

In which weddings and blooms collide

While there was nothing immediately found in the ruins, I stayed to look further while others wandered off. Magic appeared to be the most useful way to find more information, but much like the mundane eyes, nothing more could be found.

It was at this point that the search was given up and the trip home was started…with a new companion as well. Khan had picked himself up a pixie, that seemed most fascinated with his helm.

Although apparently it was Learion that found her. Or rather, heard her crying. It seems as though a man made of worms came through the portal (and he wasn’t the only one to come through a portal, as our friends the satyr and ettins came through one as well) and kidnapped all her sisters. She had been hoping that we would open a portal so she could fly through and rescue her sisters.

With our assurance that we would rescue her sisters, she accompanied Khan via his helm back to Shrike City to stay in the palace, ostensibly for her safety.

James Tanaster held a private, family meeting with Learion, but it wasn’t a long one. Learion had his thoughts of his father confirmed and James suggested that we take Andromeda Niska to the Thousand Breaths and leave her there as she appeared to be the link to other realm.

His first option was to simply kill her…

Thankfully Learion outright refused that. After a talk with her, it was decided (she made the decision) that she stay in the palace, with a couple of scrolls of teleport, an army and at least two guards with her at all times, just for her protection. Extravagant, but the juice is worth the squeeze apparently.

Word comes from the swamps near Varnhold. The kindly bog striders were being killed by mammoth worms. Thankfully, aside from their humongous size, they were not too much of a threat, although one did try to eat Learion. Once they were killed, they grotesquely continued to writhe, even as they shrunk back to their original size.

The return to Varnhold allowed the bog striders to return home safe again. But our families were apparently not safe! All the women in the wedding organisational party had been kidnapped by a troll…I pity that Troll. Clearly Steve has not managed to get the word out to all of Stevekind. Imajica may be in line for a wee talking to…

Now she scares me
You want us to abandon Andromida?

After looking around the ruins I soon see that I am of no help as it is a magical “thing” needed to open this place up.

I start to look else wear and I hear some crying coming from a tree in the distance. A small Pixi is there crying about the loss of her sisters. I ask who would do such a thing? She tells me that a Wriggly Worm man came and took them. This worries me so I ask has anything else come through the gates? and the Ettins and the sytar did. This bit of information is the most worrying, If these things can come through the portal why has Nirrisa not come through? What we have all been assuming so far is that is really really wants her sword back along with her emotions back but what if this is not the case? Some might say because she is not whole she can not go through the portal. But what if she is so far gone she no longer cares about her other half and now just wants to destroy anything that is not her 1000 Breaths. We do not have enough information yet to say but both options are worrying.

I start to calm the Pixi down and say we are trying to get to were they were taken and than we could save them and return them to her. This seams to lighten the mood and then our Druid comes over and the Pixi takes a liking to his helmet.
We decide to take her with us back to our capital.

Upon reaching our capital we are accosted by what seams like everyone wanting “stuff” from 1000 Breaths. We will have to make a list.
My brother requested me for a talk so I go and see what he has to say. Before he had a chance to speak I ask him when he last saw dad and it seams to fit what I now know.
He tells me that he and a few other have come up with a theory. Andromida is a link to 1000 Breaths and if she dies here she will open a kink to 1000 breaths. He also suggests that we take her to 1000 Breaths with us and leave her there to die. I instantly tell him that that is not going to happen.
Theory’s start flowing and I come up with the idea to release Andromida of this burden by dying and then getting resurrected but I am told that it may not work so that idea is gone.
We decide to keep her a safe as we can. She has teleport spells, armed guards, two army’s, the local law, the castle and its gates to keep her safe.

We get word from Varnhold there is a bloom in play in the swamps and its been a few days.
We make haste to where some giant red worms were last spotted. We have a bit of time to plan. And all goes well. I got licked by one of the three worms but we managed to end the fight with relative ease.

Back to Varnhold to say it is safe to go back and we are told that all the wedding party from Pitax has been abducted and this includes my wife. My vengeance will be swift.

I guess there is no need to cast Entangle

So we finish of the Frost Giants and destroy the Monolith/Grave Stone. It turns out that the later was the source of the bloom which was quickly added to Briar.

A fair bit of healing (for me) later and we are on our way home to recover before heading to the Thousand Acres Woods or something to have a look at the gate. I wonder if Pooh will be there with Piglet.

While we are at home the researchers give us some useful information about accessing the plane we need to go to. So far these guys have proved themselves way more useful than the supposed Druid.

As we are about to leave to find Pooh and Co. we get a visit from Andromeda. Her place is now under the influence of what we assume and find out later on is a Bloom. We travel to have a look and sure enough there is a few miles of brambles with some giant like creatures in amongst them.

We dispatch the giants and then the pods that are being grown that have new ones in them and the bloom is destroyed. Luckily we did it all before they could regrow or we would still be fighting them. Splitting up in this instance was a good thing.

I take the remaining bloom item as we need 3 or so to be able to enter the other plane. So no charging up Briar with this one at this stage.

Off to see Pooh and Co. and we find that there are some ruins there with a enchantment on them that makes them look unruined. Interesting.


(Artists impression of the evil Fey Creature we will need to defeat)

Off to the gate we go

After defeating the Frost giants we examined the massive monolith that stood before us to figure out why the snow had not dissipated and that when we looked at it we saw the names of people we cared about engraved into it, Imajica worked his magic and the monolith became blank and it was still snowing. While Roche took me up for a fly around to check for more clues Rafe decided he was going to attack it and started to chip away, Learian decided it looked like fun and he to joined in, then Khan and Imajica stepped up and started throwing spells at it and eventually the monolith shattered into thousands of shards and one of those shards glowed. which meant that that part was the bloom so Roche placed his sword upon it.

Learian put it to the group that he wanted to go check out the gate at 1000 voices, so we voted and it was a yes but we would call in at home first before we went and when we got back the researches had news for us and it was very helpful. As we were about to leave Andromeda came running up to us with ripped cloths and scratches explaining that big plants are attacked her house, when we got near her house a good section of land was also cover in vines and thorns, we through a few ideas at it but nothing seemed to be doing much to it so Roche took me for a fly ( i was the wind beneath his wings ) to see if we could spot anything from above, as we flew over i spotted 3 large creatures with 3 arms. Roche came up with the idea that we should split into 3 teams and attack them, Khan was keeping one occupied Roche and Rafe went for one of the others which left the last one for Learian, Imajica, Io and myself. Imajica turned into a dragon so we jumped on and headed off. Once defeated they dissolved into the ground, Imajica took Io and myself to Khan and was going to go back to collect Learian but when we got there, there was a sheep and a dog so it would appear Khan was successful in his task as well. After getting the ok we killed the sheep and again it dissolved into the ground and then from that sprouted a pod and in the pod was a smaller version of what we had just fought so we killed that as well we then went and destroyed the other two before they could cause any more trouble, one of them glowed which meant this was a bloom but we kept this one away from the sword as we were told by the researches that we will need at least 3 to open the gate.

Once the vines and thorn disappeared we headed back to the city only to be welcomed by the towns folk who had watch the battle unfold, with the celebrations over we teleported to Pitax and made our way to the elven ruins and on the way we ran into some fey dragons who were after some berries and some of them followed us. When we got there all we saw was crumbled ruins but when we went through the gate the place seemed to be immaculate, Roche worked out that it was and illusion and that it was just a ruin.

I hoped the sword would have worked
Two more blooms to go then.

We defeated the Frost Giants with relative ease but the bloom had not finished with us.
It still remained very cold and a massive monolith stood before us.
Rafe started to chip away at it, I asked him if he would mind if we took turns smashing this evil stone thing that had the names of my nearest and dearest on it. He obliged so away we whacked.
I heard a throat clear behind us as our king said stand away, and then cast some sort of fire spell at it. After a bit the monolith shattered into many many pieces and one of them glowed. Briar was again stronger I just hoped it was not making this Evil Fey stronger too.

The bloom dealt with I asked the group if they would accompany me to the gate in 1000 Voices to see if we could find a way into 1000 Breaths. The answer was yes but lets stop in our capital on the way to stock up.

Good thing we did as the researches has news for us. three blooms trophies are possibly needed to open the gate through to the 1000 Breaths. I hoped that Briar was enough to get us through but the researches seamed not to think so.
The place that the fey lady lives is a house called House at the end of time. 1000 breaths is all so not to stable. It is a few places held held together by her champions on their glade. The researches seam to think if we defeated each sections champion we could destabilize 1000 breaths. This seams like a great idea to me.
As we went to leave, Niska came up to us not looking to happy. The plants are attacking my house. Big – big plants. Sweet we have a Druid this will be easy i thought to myself, Nope No it was not.

Got near to her house and indeed the plants were big and pointy and slashey. In closer inspection there were three troll things with three arms in there too.
We tried a lot of ideas some effective some not and it looked like we would have to fly / drop in into the middle of this Briar patch and take them down one by one.
Our pally said “no! lets split into three groups and take them on at once” and so we did. The troll things tried to escape us but were all cut down or turned into sheep so I’m told.
After their death they waited a bit and then turned into goo/dust and went into the ground and a pod sprouted up from its goo. This was unusual so i cut the pod down and inside was a smaller version of what we had just killed, like the phoenix rising from the ashes these things rise up again in seed pods.
Again one glowed with magic but this time we kept it away from Briar. Two more to go.

Back at the city and everyone was cheering for us. This was quite cool I guess they could see us this time and not just hear stories of our deeds.

We then teleported to Pitax and began our journey to 1000 Voices.
Some fey dragons lead us to the ruins and wanted some berries in return.

From the outside of the gate into 1000 Voices it looked like we were expecting, an old rundown ruin.
I steeped through the gate and everything changed. Everything now looked like it would have when it first was built.
I asked what people could see from out side and they all said a ruin. Our king jumped the fence and saw what i saw but he did all so notice some statues of a lady and they looked a lot like the fey lady in the house where my father has been taken.
It apparently was a very powerful spell on the area to make it look new again, why would someone put a powerful spell on an old run down ruin is beyond me.
But what I was hoping for did not happen. There is no portal or opening to 1000 Breaths I guess the researches were correct.

Two more Blooms to go. Lets hope they are as manageable as the rest.

In which answers start to bloom before us

The giants were powerful, strong and determined, but the combined power of our small group has withstood stronger challenges than these, at far greater odds. They stood nary a chance. If only these beings could have been negotiated with, they might have kept their lives. Still, evil must be met and destroyed as it is found for the good of Iomedae and our fledgling kingdom.

All that was left was the cold, and a massive ice monolith, detailing all the names of those close to me in common, as those it was recording their deaths, like a giant tombstone. The bloom was obviously still in effect as the cold was still clearly evident. With little idea on how to deal with this, I asked if I could carry Oret further into the skies to search for more clues.

While this didn’t reveal any more information, those below focused on destroying the monolith. Fire, dazzling rays and swords all struck the ice, finally toppling it over, and like that, a breath of warmer air flowed through the mountain pass over the shattered remains of the ice monolith.

One of the shards radiated the now familiar aura of the bloom and I touched my sword to it, the essence being drawn into Briar yet again.

With this bloom dealt with, it was becoming obvious that the blooms were getting grander in scale, and this represented an ever growing threat to our kingdom, prompting Learion to insist that we go to where this gate may be.

With no other real leads at this stage, I agreed, but as it was on the other side of our kingdom, we stopped off in Shrike City first to recover.

The researches that Imajica had working on our behalf were able to find out a reasonable amount of information for us, but the most valuable was the suspected requirement of at least three blooms worth of essence to open the gate through to the Thousand Breaths.

As we made to leave, we were met with a disheveled Andromeda Niska, angry at the something destroying her home. At Io’s very strong insistence, we moved quickly to help, only to find a large wall of thorny bushes not far from the city gates.

Flying above them provided us with the view of over two miles of this scrub, thick and fifteen feet high, and apparently growing as Andromeda had not traveled through that much of it to get to us. Inside, those sharp eyed of us spotted three large humanoid shapes moving around, plucking seeds from the thorns and planting, having more grow in their place remarkably quickly.

The three giants, three armed and standing at nearly twenty feet tall each, were spread throughout the forest of thorns. Both Khan and Imajica used fire to good effect, but it only served to anger the plants and they struck out in retaliation.

With little other options, I devised a plan to attack each of the giants at the same time, since they could not be corralled together. Khan, in the form of a sparrow, was to harass and detain one, Learion, Imajica, Oret and Io were to destroy the second and Rafe and I were to destroy the third.

Rafe is clearly very adept with his weapon of choice, and between the two of us, the giant was unable to flee and was cut down, it’s evil no longer endangering the kingdom…or so I thought.

We flew back to help the other dispose of their opponents, but there was only a wolf herding a sheep remaining, so clearly our King had been successful in his task as the other were there, blood staining their weapons, as proof of their vanquished enemy.

The sheep was quickly cut down and a pod grew from the ground where it died. Horrifyingly, inside the pod was small version of what we had just killed, and it was growing at an alarming rate. This was quickly dashed to pieces and the other two were sought and destroyed.

Once this was done, thankfully the forest of thorns dissipated and left a thorn that emitted the bloom essence. Khan kept a hold of this one instead of allowing it to be absorbed by Briar. we will see how this works to open the gate in time.

The people of Shrike City, able to see the threat from the walls, were exceedingly grateful and thanked us profusely as we returned, like conquering heroes from the sagas “My Adventures – The Life of Theros Vitalstatistix, vol.3”.

Our original plan was to go to where the gate supposedly was, so some teleportation magic later, we were in Pitax and making our way to the site of some elven ruins. An amusing run in with some fey dragons sped our way to the place.

A crumbled ruin greeted us, but when we went through the gates, the place changed into something majestic. Those with magic senses were able to tell the rest of us that this was a powerful illusion magic. Iomedae gave me the strength to withstand the magic and I was able to see it for what it really was…a crumbling ruin.

Bad Dreams

After dealing with Imajica’s bad dream ( not that there was much i could do ) went back to bed.
Over the next few night’s some of the others had a similar experience, Khan and his T-Rex wondering round the court yard was interesting but Learian throwing his rattle at the bird seem to do the trick tho.

We went to see the real druid who had some information for us but it came with a but, he had located a copy of the book we were after and it was in the hands of a Lady who was an art lover, we arranged a meeting with her and she would hand over the book ( and here comes the but ) if she could have her name on one of the art building’s we have, she wanted her family name associated with good art and this seamed like a fair request so we could have the book.

After a look through the book we notice that the last page was missing, we also realized that stuff from the other pages had been happening to our Kingdom over the past week or so and we also had a possible location of the entrance to 1000 breaths. In our search for the last page of the book we discover that Learian’s father is alive and is a blind servant in 1000 breaths, but that is only a guess at the moment but that seems to be what the evidence is pointing to. We hear of another Bloom incident and we head off to sort it out and now we are in the middle of sorting out some frost giants.

I Hate Fey

So after killing the Ettins we head of home. Some disturbing dreams causing a few issues with them coming true including me having to subdue a confused T-Rex. It appears that Lerian managed to solve the dreaming bloom issue by killing the big fucking bird in the dreams.

The “Druid” who is yet to actually prove he is a druid managed to find us a copy of the Book were seeking. It came at the cost of some toffee nosed tart having the museum named after her. Turns out the book isn’t complete however as the back page is missing.

We set about trying to find some way of getting the back page. No spells seem to work. We track down the previous owners no luck but it was complete when they sold it. The back page is a map. Toffee nosed tart seems to remember a break in with nothing missing maybe that was when it went missing.
There was someone else looking for it a while ago. Turns out it was Lerians dad.

So I scry for his dad and fuck me he is alive but blind and serving some fucking Fey in what we assume is the plane we need to go to. When I see the fey he serves I am immediately struck blind. Well that sucks. IO quickly fixes that for me.

A lot of discussion about should we try and head on over to that plane but I decree we should find the map page first. Besides we also need to find some way to stop ourselves turning blind as soon as we look at the Fey bitch otherwise it will be game over.

In the meantime we get reports of an area that is now snowing in the middle of summer. Onto the next bloom we head and we are now engaged in scrap with some frost giants.

In which dreams are made to come true

The return trip to Pitax was joyful as Ashularae was re-united with her family.

We were also informed once we had spoken to our new Thousand Breaths advisor that he had sourced a copy of the book he was missing (after being forced by the King to cast a druid only spell to prove his druidic credentials).

This book appeared to be in the hands of a large woman from a wealthy and arts sensitive family. She professed a loud and horrified hatred of the arts abuse under the previous rulership and would gladly return the book to us for the small bargain of having her family name once again associated with something classy in the arts world.

So a suddenly re-named theatre and naming ceremony later and we had the book in our hands. It was obvious that something was wrong even as we were taking possession of it as the woman looked guilty. It was missing the last page and she professed to know nothing of the page, claiming it had been in the family like that.

Leads were scrounged up and the best we could come up with was tracing the book back to its original owner. Since the book had been bought by way of auction, the receipt was sought and found. This allowed us to find the auction house and find the seller. It turned out to be the Pitax museum selling the book and there was a clever staff member who remember the book quite well. Well enough to recall that the last page was a map, but unfortunately, not quite well enough to know what the map looked like since it had been sold years prior.

Another interesting piece of information came up as well. Somebody else had been after the book. An older gentleman had been seen asking around about it as well. One thing led to another and it turned out that this was Learions father.

A simple scrying spell told us something that we hadn’t known prior to this (Learion not having pushed particularly hard in the search for his father up to this point)…his father was ALIVE!

Alive, blind, and serving a green skinned elven looking woman, presumably in the Thousand Breaths. And clearly the Nymph ability to make somebody blind works through spells as well since our King (who was ably scrying up till that point) went blind as soon as he saw the nymph as well.

Jubilost Narthropple was sought out and he appeared to recognise some of the information in the book as a location in our lands. The book also seemed to tell the same tales that we were currently living through, but not in the same order as the book.

We started having strange dreams. First it Imajica and his tower was surrounded by gales, lightning and violent weather, striking in through his towers windows. Unsure of what to do, we watched as Khan appeared to calm the weather with a thought and retreated back to bed. As the nights went on, more of our populace complained of these dreams impacting them as they woke to find them come true.

My own dream led to me being chased by a whirlwind and I was unable to escape from the weather. I awoke to the localised whirlwind in my bedroom, throwing myself and my belongings around the room as I fled for the door.

A large reptilian beast was seen being escorted from the palace by Khan as well, apparently this had something to do with his dream as well.

Learion seemed to be the only one to deal with the dream differently. His description of his dream was short and sweet. “I threw a rattle at the bloody bird and it died.” He was referring, of course, to the large black bird that we had all seen in our dreams.

Our next indication that there was another bloom happening was the request to clear the pass near Varnhold as it was snowed shut in summer. An unusual occurrence indeed and we set out to investigate, only to come across some vaguely familiar frost giants blocking our way once we had trekked further into the pass itself.

With only six giants blocking our way, we were intent on making short work of them, but our King may have made himself too much of a target in an attempt to buy our party an advantage, but we were able to make the advantage tell as we set about cutting these over large problems down to size…


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