Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

The puzzle pieces are falling into place
Who knew Druids had such distrust.

After the Ettin fight we went home to rest.
Had some weird dream, killed a bird with my rattle felt at ease again.

We went to see if the Druid we hired had come up with anything. Our Druid has such distrust for this other Druid he wants him to cast a spell to make sure he is in fact a Druid.
anyway he had some information… but you gusset it, it came a a cost.
The Druid had located a book. It was in the hands of a Lady ( if you could call her that ) in Pitax, an art lover, this coming from someone in Pitax did not stand her in good stead.
We had the meeting with her and she would hand over the book if she could have her name on one of the “Art” building’s we have but not in Pitax. She wanted her family name associated with good art again. This seamed like an easy request and so it was made so.

A few days later in our capital one of our art building’s was renamed, there was a big renaming ceremony and all was good with the world. She was happy we were happy that was until we got the book and it was missing the last page….sigh

We looked through the book and we saw that is struck a passing resemblance to what had been happening to our kingdom the past few weeks.
Looked a little closer at the beginning of the book and we now know the possible location of where to go to enter 1000 breaths. Through a gate in the location known as 1000 voices thanks to our Ranger for the knowledge on that area.
That was enough for me, We had the sword, we had the location, lets give it a go because blooms are ramping up, yes each time we defeat one we are making the sword better but we might be making this Fey Lady better too, who knows?
But we decide to find the final page first.
In doing so we managed to find my Father… he seams to be blind and serving some green skin elf or elf’s best guess he is in 1000 breaths and blind because of a Nymph as our Druid also went blind as soon as he saw it.
So dads is alive and was after the book too and possibly in 1000 breaths. How he got there is maybe on the last page of the book. Utter utter bastard he is alive and never sort me out…. we will have words.

Bloom alert Bloom alert! Snow in the middle of summer This resembled a page in the book so off we go and try to kill some nasty Frost Giants.

Why do I bother?????

So we decide we are off to Pitax to let the ladies sort out the wedding details for Oret and his Bride.

We are just about to leave when the expert on the Bloom we were seeking turned up. Turns out he is a Druid aswell. Then the wearisome jokes… oh finally a real druid blah blah blah… Ha fucking ha.

So we now have a researcher who as it was pointed out may not know as much as he thinks because he didnt even know about the sword so I don’t know if he is as knowledgeable as we are lead to believe. He was prepared to do some more research for us based around a book that has been destroyed by the previous King of Pitax. He asks for a piece of Treant that has been hit by lightening. We have said yes but I will do my own research as to what possible implications this strange request may have before we actually hand it over.

Anyway off to Pitax. We leave the ladies to sort the wedding and head off to the Village attacked by Wyverns to try and find the thieflings parents. When searching we were attacked by Ettins and a Satyr.

We dispatched the Ettins with the help of my Elemental allies after Imagica had put the Satyr into a maze.

When the Satyr reappeared we hit him with everything we had. I polymorphed him into a turtle only to receive a gobful of abuse from Imagica accusing me of only doing it so that the rest of the team didnt get the magic items he was carrying. I bit back which I think shocked most of the group.

All in all it indicates what some of the party think of me so why do I bother???

Will the real Druid please stand up

As we were about to head off to find the Tiefling’s parents a Druid turns up, apparently we sent for someone to help us with the blooms, he had been studying them in Pitax before all copies of the book a 1000 breaths were ordered to be destroyed. Questioned by Roche it would appeared that he was an expert, but he had a request, he would help us in exchange for a piece of treant that had been struck by lightning. A strange request but we agreed and a deal was struck.

With a quick side trip to drop the Druid off we headed out for the task in hand, as we reached the village it was not a pretty site, we started looking for the Tiefling’s parents remains when we were ambushed by a bunch of Ettins and a Satyr. Imajica made the fight easier by sending the Satyr into a maze and then we made short work of the Ettins, we then prepared for the Satyr return. Because we were ready for him he got a bit of a hammering to start with a few good shots put in by him, then the Khan turned him into a turtle, which upset Imajica and he told us not to kill him until he could turn him back something to do with lute, and if we killed him in that form everything would that’s the way he would stay and the lute would be gone, so we held off. When he was back to his normal self we finished him off

Love is in the air
all the girls get together

Well it’s that time, time for our little rock to get married.
He is super excited about it too. Never seen him so giddy.
All the lady’s including my wife have gone to Pitax to set the scene and get everything ready for the big day. It promises to be a day full of fun and festivities.

While they are getting the place ready the rest of us went to see what we could do about the Tiefling parents but before we went the Real Druid we sent for showed up. After a short interview he was set to work. He did set us a task of finding a book that was written by a man years back who is the only known person to visit 1000 breaths and come back. Should make for some interesting reading.

Off to the the village that was attacked by Wyvern’s.
We arive and the place lookes like….. well it had been attacked by a back of Wyvern’s. Body parts everywhere.
We were having a good look around when we were ambushed!.

A satyr and many ettin, hell bent on ending our existence.

By the look of the gear on the Satyr we were in for a tough fight but Imajica to the rescue and good bye Satyr you are off to a maze for a wile. The Ettin’s we dispatched with some ease as I think they were to look to the Satyr for inspiration and coordination.
We surrounded the area we knew the Satyr was to return to and made ready our attacks.
He came back and got a few good waloping form most of us and was looking rather unwell.
He then got turned into a turtle by the druid to the displeasure of Imajica who then yelled at the druid and told the rest of us to STOP attacking the poor little turtle. Reason was all the gear was now inside the turtle and he really wanted it’s bow. So he did some magic reverse thing and the turtle was now a Satyr again and got smashed once again. Good thing too I now have a magical helmet that allows me to teleport so I am a happy chappy.

In which we discover Imajica has a maze fetish

Traveling back to Shrike City, we started to look further into our issues with blooms.

Our luck held and our request for a specialist in Blooms had garnered a recipient. An elderly Druid who had spent many years researching blooms in Pitax before King Castruccio Irovetti outlawed certain books and stopped the research dead in its tracks since the books were destroyed.

We questioned the man and it appeared true that he was the foremost expert. His request was simple. He’d gladly help us in exchange for a piece of treant that had been struck by lightning. A strange request to be sure, but we’ve dealt with other strange requests over the years.

A quick trip back to the Eberheart family farm was on the cards. I wanted to ensure that we got a fair cost of the destruction caused by the last bloom and replace those destroyed crops from kingdom funds to ensure our subjects could continue to provide for both themselves and those who purchased from them. I’ve got the figures and it will be dealt with in the next treasury meeting.

Our next step was to return to Pitax to allow our new researcher to continue his work. This made for a short trip up to Ashularae home village. I was determined to make things right and earn her loyalty so that we would have a talented agent working for us for more than simple money, as she has done previously.

The village was still standing when we arrived, but damaged in parts (although nothing to stop in being a functioning village), and sans the actual living villagers. I’ve seen plenty of destruction and death, but the sight of a whole village destroyed by rampaging wyverns was still shocking, and I caught Io holding back emotions as well.

We began to search, and somebody had the clever idea to search for tiefling remains as this would shorten the search considerably as there were not many of them.

While searching, we were ambushed by two headed ogres and a satyr. Thankfully Imajica’s warning allowed us to react quickly and Oret’s leadership gave us a vital jump on the newly found enemy.

We have seen Imajica grow in power from a small rainbow flinging elf to a mighty eleven wizard, an archmage in his own right now. But he seems to have developed a liking for sending enemies to another realm, or maze, as he calls it. The spell seems simple enough to cast as the verbal components appear to be simply asking the unlucky recipient if they are a Minotaur.

The satyr, unfortunately for him, was not, and he duly disappeared. That left us with a large number of two headed ogres (I’m told they are called ettins). Several spells, some huge fire elementals and some impressive sword play from both Learion and our newest companion, Rafe, dispatched the remaining. Even when half a dozen more appeared from behind us, they realised the error of their ways and fled, only to be cut down by the fine blade of Rafe as they ran.

All that was left was the satyr. He appeared shortly after the fire elementals winked out of existence again. And promptly was slashed, magicked and turned into a tortoise, before almost immediately being blinded, turned back into a satyr and died, without even getting off an attack.

We have started to become truely fearsome in how well our party deals with threats.

We also managed to find ourselves the family we were looking for and after asking their permission to bring them back from the dead, Io raised them all. Now we just need to escort them to their daughter in Pitax to ensure we have kept our part of the bargain.

Blooming Hell

So we dealt with that first bloom and then went home to sort out some kingdom issues that needed sorting. New roads and highways were built. The kingdom is getting more user friendly now which is good.

While discussing what to do next we were interupted by one of Oret’s farm hands. Apparently his farm was under attack by some sticks.

Bloom number 2 has struck. We quickly teleported to his farm to see what was what. On arriving yes the farm was certainly under attack and we were quickly surrounded. A couple of quick wall of fire spells, some fire protection and some exploding and we dealt with the sticky stick things. I was amused by some Kobolds calling themselves the Kob Squad who had set out looking for adventure, fame and fortune. They had been trying to help aswell. I of course thanked them and have promised them some silver swords for their troubles. (some silver carving knives will do the trick).

We decided that we needed to track down the source of this bloom and eventually found it. Again withe use of magic spells we were quickly able to remove the offending sticky stick sticks from this plane and end this particular bloom.

We are now pretty sure there will be more to come until we deal with what is actually causing them. Until we can find out more we will just have to wait and deal with them as they crop up.

Time to go find some silver carving knives and present them to the Kob Squad.

Sticks are attacking the farm

After dealing with the bloom we headed back to our Kingdom to make sure everything was running smoothly, Roche had promised the tiefling that he would see what he could do about her family and preparation were made to leave the next day. It was at that point a young boy who worked on my family farm came running up to us trying to explain that the farm was being attacked by sticks, i told him to catch his breath then to explain what was happening, and it turns out we heard him right the first time, sticks were attacking the farm including the workers on it. After he explained what they looked like Khan came up with a few ideas on what they could be and after a brief discussion Imajica teleported us to the farm.

Upon arriving the farm was deserted and some of the crops had been damaged, Imajica spotted one of the offending sticks as it walked to him with open arms with being warned not to pick it up he did and it bit him on the arm then proceeded to let out a scream and then the rest came a running, Khan put up a ring of fire between us and them, Learian started swinging his sword but but was only getting a few at a time, realizing that i wasn’t going to be able to do much i abundant step to the farm house to find torches to light so i could a least do some damage, appearing in the farm house surprised my brother and his wife a bit but i quickly explained the situation grabbed a couple of torches to light and then abundant step back to the fight. when i got back there were some kobolds there throwing bombs at the swarms, so it would appear we got back up, i put down the torches grabbed some bombs and joined in. Once they were delt with we found some tracks and headed out to track down were they were coming from.

We travelled for a day or two until we reached were we thought they were coming from, we devised a plan and then put it into action, on of the magic uses put up a wall around most of the area and then Imajica finished it of with one of his wall, with them trapped in side and when they tried to find there way out Imajica’s wall sent them to another dimension and the threat was vanquished.

In which we discover flowers are not the only things that bloom

The first bloom dealt with, it was indicated that there would be more. And at this stage, we have no way of determining when and where they will be.

In light of this, we spent some time having the finishing touches put on our palace and continued our transport system, either building more roads or updating the existing road to become highways.

While we were doing this, I suggested that we might help Ashularae for the remains of her family and bring them back from the dead. Before we had the chance to go, a young farm hand from Oret’s family farm came running up to him and, short of breath, spun a tale of woe and danger. With Oret’s family in danger, the only recourse was to immediately look into the issue.

Imajica was able to teleport all of us to the roadside close to the farm and we were greeted by scenes of destruction. Crops ruined, nobody to be found and a wee little plant being walking up to us, happy to see us.

Imajica showed a slightly more gentle side to himself and bent to retrieve the wee creature. Unfortunately it took that as an opportunity to bite the Mage, which in turn seemed to summon a veritable horde of the things.

It quickly became obvious that mele weapons were not going to suffice, so I focused my efforts on ensuring Io survived the incoming friendly fire (in every sense of the word). Both Imajica and Khan unleashed some impressive pyrotechnics, but I will be more than happy to watch from afar next time instead of standing at the epicentre.

Once the world had stopped burning, we were introduced to our apparent rescuers. The self styled Kob Squad were duly thanked by their King with the promise of more rewards for their help.

The trail of destruction was not difficult to follow for those with the skill. I relied on those with said skills as tracking is still not something I have become proficient in.

I pushed us hard, not wanting others to suffer (only after being assured that Oret’s family was only a little worse for wear). It became a long trek, and many were the claims of discomfort. Even I needed to rest after walking all day and night.

We did find our quarry the next day, but to our horror, there were more than we felt we could reasonably handle. Other plans were hatched and between Io, Imajica and Khan, the evil sprites were corralled, covered in magical darkness and sent to another plane.

Another bloom taken care of, but nothing lingered this time as my sword, Briar, didn’t gain any new properties like the last bloom.

It sounds as though the research we are getting Imajica’s assistants to do may become very valuable in terms of finding a way to stop these blooms or finding a way to the Thousand Cuts plane.

And now we wait…

Friend or Foe
They are getting very powerfull.

After stopping the “bloom” we all went back to our capital and spent a week making sure it was running smoothly.
The pally had made a pact with the tiefling to go and see what he could do about her family. We were going to go the next day when a small farm hand from the monks farm came rushing up to him.
Is Timmy trapped in a well again? The young boy was out of breath as he had run a considerable distance. The farm was being attacked by ….. Sticks…..
The druid came up with a few ideas on what it could be and it was the monks farm so we had better go and sort it out.

A bamph her and bamph there and we were just out side the monks farm. A quick look and a four inch living stick thing with leaves for hair walked up to Imajica, I got my sword out cause picking this small thing up was a bad idea. If they were easy to get rid of the farm folk would have done so.
As soon as he had picked it up it bit him on the arm and it looked painful. It let out a screech and man did they come running. There were hundreds of them. The druid put up a wall of flames, that scorched the little bastardos. but they kept coming.
They were swarming all over us screeching and biting. I was no good my sword could only take a few out at a time so i pulled out my flask of fire and burnt them too.
With every bite a felt my strength being sapped away i had to get out of there. I herd some strange voices from the other side of the flames, they seamed to be enjoying themselves.
Just as i was about to go Imajica exploded into flames with no warning man did it hurt. Had he changed sides? did we do something to slight him? and with no warning again he exploded once more to the detriment of my life force.
Thankfully the druid said get out or this will hurt you, so I joined the monk and four Kobolds on the outside of the flames in a fun game of chuck bombs at the sticks. and it was over. A few of us were a little worse for ware and not just because of the sticks.

We decided to follow the tracks the sticks had made to see where they came from… it was a long walk and the pally was most insistent on walking through the night. Finally we rested and not to far away was the source of the little buggers.
This time there were many many more. I gulped as if we tried to tackle them like we did the others Imajica would kill us all. ( I think I now know why you hardly see any very powerful magic users around they all get too powerful and are put down)
A plan was made and magical walls constructed and they all were sent to a new plane of existence I am told. ( I seam to just told this is what has happened a lot now)
No swans around so I am not sure if this was a Bloom incident or just a freak occurrence.

The Ferguson

So we get an emergency message about a giant whirlpool and bad water in lake Drelav. Off we go thanks to Imagicas help the trip is quick. Sure enough it looks like a giant Ferguson out there.

A quick recon and I see 3 Water elementals causing all the grief. A bit of a fight later and they are dispatched. The giant flush slowly diminishes and problem solved. We now need to get to the bottom of what caused it. It appears to be some link to the primal plane. We did find another useful man that I think we can make use of. Raife is his name. Bit of a swordsman from the looks.


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