Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we find something not evil and still end up fighting

With masses of large ants descending on Io, I felt panic. Until I looked down that is and saw the quiet confidence in his eyes. As the rest of the party made their way round the walls and past the trap I had set off, Io simply climbed the walls quickly and calmly and made his way through.

Once safe, we made our way through the door at the end of the passage and ended up back in the room with the golem. It appeared that we had been round in a circle, facing dangers unnecessarily. With no choice but to sigh and carry on, we did just that.

Through the next door (bashed in, breaking my magical flail in the process) we soon found ourselves in a large room with a massive central pillar. Learion and Imajica made their way over to the central pillar, Khan stayed near the entrance so that nothing could surprise us from behind while Oret, Io and I moved around the room looking for more magically disguised doors.

Naturally, this is where things went wrong. We were ambushed as a hail of arrows flew down from between some stalactites and stalagmites, punching through armour and causing a quick assessment of our safest position.

Khan cast some form of powerful magic, revealing the very well armed and armoured skeletons and damaging them in the process and Io followed up with a simple, but extremely effective fog cloud, blocking their line of sight.

With Oret, Learion and me standing in front of the others in case the skeletons came down, Imajica decided now was the appropriate to try out a spell he had been working on. All we could see was him casting something into the fog and then the noise of swords hitting something.

Imajica informed us that he had summoned a black pudding. A moment later, he screwed his face up and informed us that we should move away from the fog cloud as he did not have control over the thing and that the skeletons may create more of them by slicing them up.

After a minute or so, the room decended into silence and nothing moved forward to attack us, so Io dissipated the fog cloud. With three spells, our casters had got us out of a dangerous ambush. Incredible.

A magically hidden door was found and through it we went (locked again, so destroyed it was) and found a room with pillars running the length of it down either side, and a man dressed in leather and feathers standing at the far end at the base of some stairs. He was identified as a divine caster of some sort, most likely a cleric of Gorum, and was definitely not evil, as I would have sensed it.

He called himself the final test, indicating that all we had been through prior to this was naught but a test to see if we could make it this far.

Finally somebody who we can actually talk to! Unfortunately that led us nowhere and we were left with little option. At this point, his words suggesting he was a test came back and while there was nothing obvious pertaining to the type of test, I decided to bypass it completely and simply scare him into letting us pass. I didn’t see the need to kill somebody who was obviously not evil.

He sighed at me! And then attacked.

By charging, both Oret and I were able to close in on him quickly, forcing him to move around us and defend himself with more magic, along with the previously cast magic (suggested by the regenerating he was doing from the wounds we caused him). A veritable wall of blades sprung up around him and is proving to be a deadly barrier, as proved by my inability to get by it, causing a large amount of damage and pain.

Learion has provided me with a polearm so that I can attack him, and Io is healing us all in the hopes that Iomedae will assist us against a chosen of Gorum. This is looking grim as most of us a sporting some wounds and I am only a good swing away from death, barely holding myself together.

In which we take the long way round

The room was large, with four pillars and a high domed roof. In the middle was a massive suit of armour. Most likely a construct of some kind. This premonition proved true as soon as I stepped into the room, the thing activated and moved to attack us.

Imajica had informed us this was an Iron Golem and filled us with all the details he could glean in the moments before we attacked. It sounded fearsome indeed! Immune to large amounts of magic, resistant to large amounts of damage, requiring special weapons to harm it consistently…

Luckily for us, my god blessed my sword and this allowed me to damage the construct with more ease, and Learion simply swung his massive blade so hard that the thing was in trouble quickly regardless. What could have been an extremely difficult encounter, was dealt with great efficiency thankfully, but not before it pounded Learion a few times, leaving some impressive wounds.

A quick heal from Khan’s trusty wand patched him up and we continued on our way. There were two doors spotted and a secret door as well thanks to the sharp eyes of Khan and Oret. Since the doors were the obvious choice, we opted for the secret door.

This proved an unwise choice. We were almost immediately assaulted by fog, webs, unseen stairs and finally daemons! Massive things, with five arms and covered in spikes, they attacked us as we walked and let off some form of aura that Iomedae protected me from.

One was in front of me and then simply vanished. From the screaming happening behind me, it appeared to be attacking the party from behind, and Oret appeared to be taking the brunt of the attacks, saving the others from harm. Before I could move to help, another daemon appeared in front of me and attacked. Between Learion and I, we made short work of the foul thing (Iomedae be praised), but our path to the other one was blocked by some earth elementals that appeared to help us. Making our way past, I could see that Oret was almost dead. Somehow this thing had almost torn him asunder, so Io went to work and helped get him back in the fight. With my blessed blade and faith in my goddess, the other daemon fell quickly as well, the elementals swarming over it to assist in finishing it off.

Once past them, I led us towards the next room. This was a metal floor and a low curved roof. Imajica, fearing a trap, tossed a broken battle axe onto the floor, but nothing happened. I reasoned that anything that might happen must be further in, so I cautiously stepped onto the floor.

The cursed floor dropped away from me immediately! Luckily I was able to keep my balance and step back avoiding being trapped on spikes in alcove below the metal floor. Some quick eyes spotted some items down there, so with the assistance of Khans communal spiderclimb, I moved around the walls and moved the floor until I could rescue the items, before we made our way past the room.

The next room looked certain to have a trap in it, but for whatever reason, we didn’t find one. Probably a good thing! The large statue in the middle was looking directly at us as we entered, but after much testing and searching, it was revealed to simply be a well crafted statue.

This had a number of exits in here, but following one led us directly back to the room via one of the others exits. Leaving only two choices, so a lack of any other real options lead us towards the exit that wasn’t a locked door.

Through the fog again and immediately at the end of the tunnel was a sheer drop. In front of us was some form of chasm and a number of pillars in the chasm, all with rounded tops. These looked to be about jumpable distance apart, however, the spiderclimb spell was still upon us, so a more simple option of merely climbing around the walls was used.

As per normal, I led the way, ensuring that should anything dangerous be in front of us, it would meet my blade first. Unfortunately, the danger was present, but in a different form. As soon as I touched the threshold on the other side, I set off some form of trap and a massive gust of wind blew right past me, buffeting the rest of the group.

This buffet was so strong that it plucked my son, Io right off the wall and knocked him to the bottom of the chasm. He landed hard, and looked a little dazed, but the worst was to come. Angry swarms of huge, finger long red ants poured out of the ground and made their way towards Io! The only consolation I have is Imajica declaring that he can save Io…

In which we discover the dark hides things to fear

With the rest of the party getting healed and back on their feet, it was time to take the fight to those foul women. Affronting my Goddess results in a sentence of justice and in this case, death was the only option.

Moving past the remaining daemon as it swung ineffectually at me, I engaged the women directly. They had forced themselves up against the wall, probably so as to make flanking them impossible. Evil they may be, but stupid they were not.

Spells of all sorts began to be cast at me, but my faith kept me strong, even while they were stripping the magical defences Io had place on me away. I kept them occupied while the rest of the group dispatched the last daemon and moved to assist in ending the evil threat.

Oret tied one up in knots using his now finely honed mastery of unarmed combat. Learion swung his greatsword mightily, hewing down foes and the others either kept up a magical barrage or ensured there was nothing else to challenge us.

Once defeated, we moved onto the doors. Imajica was able to open both doors with magics, leading to one tunnel filled with an ominous fog and another with stone boulders in it. Sight proved preferable, so the boulders tunnel was chosen.

The boulders were apparently supposed to be placed in similar sized depressions in stairs leading up towards the only door. Unfortunately, each boulder was bigger than the last and the biggest one, naturally, had to go on the top step. Several of the group (Oret, Io, Learion and Imajica) moved into the tunnel to move the boulders around. Finally getting the last one in, the top door opened…only for the previous doors to slam shut!

Khan and I were separated and trapped. With no locksmith, our only course of action was to bash our way through the door. Luckily, we had access to plenty of weapons that the dead barbarians were no longer using, so I hacked away until I was able to get Khan and myself through.

The others were waiting for us, not particularly willing to go to far into the next room, and for good reason. One door out, not counting the one we came through, and the only obvious way of opening it was a large wheel with a single handle on it, mounted on a beam, coming out of the floor. This part of the floor was covered in a sheet of metal, nestled between four pillars. It was obviously a trap.

That didn’t mean we didn’t have to face it, and with the faith in my Goddess pushing me forward, I stepped onto the metal sheet and started moving the wheel. This set off the trap of course, but luckily, I was able to cast a protection spell on myself that allowed me to ignore the cold damage from the trap as I turned the wheel. This could have been deadly to somebody else, so I thanks Iomedae for guiding me towards this, saving others from a painful fate.

Through the door, and Imajica was able to identify the spell being used in here as some form of ward spell (he knew it, but I was never much of an arcane scholar) which could lead to us being confused at intersections, fog blocking all forms of sight, webs in areas and doors covered by some form of glamour.

Our options are limited, so down the passage we go, reaching our first intersection. Deciding to simply follow the leader, and therefore keep together as a group, I turned left, hopefully, and headed further in. To a small basically empty room.

Back the way we came and turning left again, reasoning that would take us straight ahead from our original entrance we came to a dead end. Khan’s sharp eyesight found the door in front of us, however, it too proved to be locked. With our trusty borrowed barbarian weapons, Learion hacked through the door on his side while I whittled away at the door on my side.

Entry gained, I stepped through…

Meanwhile, back in Shrike City
A noble barbarian passes the time

Ah, Shrike City. Of all cities that I have conquered, founded and led, this is my favourite!

Women! Beer! Tales of greatness! Fights! This has them all.

I, Durz the mighty, have blessed this fine city with my might. My name has become famous and the people love me.

Khan, my friend and the one the people look to when I am away has just left again, to continue with the errand that will help make this place a little safer. The warrior Learion, with his pleasingly, ever larger, mighty sword leading from the fore, as I showed him many years ago, the elf, witty as ever, left with his usual parting words (I really must educate him some more…he does seem to keep getting friend and imbecile mixed up. Unless…imbecile is the elven word for mighty companion?! This must be it! I have mastered a new language. I shall be sure to greet him in kind when he returns), Oret of the mittens, little Io (I fear this one is shy…I keep buying him women and he looks confused each time at this great gift) and his father, the mighty paladin (and really, really uptight!) have all joined again.

The city has been in good hands while I was enjoying the local wenches and ale, but alas, it is time to rule again. The people of this fine city need my guidance and guidance they shall have!

Tomorrow, after the ale has worn off…

In the mean time, Oret has a sister! What a woman! She accepts NO coin, but I am sure that I will find the amount that releases her inhibitions. While I find that though, I have been putting in a good word for Learion. A mighty man with a fine choice in killing deserves a wench to come home to, and Ekho should be just such a wench. I have been filling her with tales of Learions glory in battle and bed with equal measure and she seems to enjoy these tales! Her face tells of her intetest, mouth agape with hunger and face red with delight…it is the tales of Learions bed exploits that seem to excite her the most!

I will bed her first so that Learion finds a compliant woman waiting for him. Only a good friend would do this, and I, Durz the mighty, am the BEST of friends!

But maybe tomorrow…my head hurts and the light is too bright…

Rest assured my friends, the mission your complete for me and my city is vital to its safety and you shall be well rewarded on your arrival home. Try to leave some of the killing for me and I shall see you in the Great Horde in the Sky once again.

A bear skin! I promised Oret a bear skin! I must get this to show his favour he has earnt in my company.

But, tomorrow. Ale, wenches and bed await right now…

In which the yellow brick road gets a little bit muddy

With a destination in mind and directions available thanks to the map found at Fort Drelev, we made our way almost directly to where the barbarians should be situated.

Khan proved his worth again by scouting out the area from overhead. A hollow with a cave mouth in the depression, surrounded by tents and a number of barbarians proved the map correct.

Approaching the area, we had to back track a little and find a ford to cross the river, but as we approached, I hailed the camp. The response was simple, and sadly, violent. The guard in front immediately roared at us and charged, rather than letting us talk our way past.

Unfortunate for him really since he was cut down in moments. As he roared though, more barbarians rushed our position. I moved past the first few and engaged the bulk towards the back. Learion and Oret made their way through the barbarians who engaged them fairly quickly (with assistance from a magical buff from Io and Imajica) with brutal swings of a greatsword and a flurry of puches and kicks.

Khan used the weather to his advantage and provided covering fire in the form of lightning called down from the heavens.

The group that assailed me were ineffectual, but in turn, the sheer numbers arrayed against me made dispatching them difficult. While I was no real danger, this group was preventing me from getting to the prisoners I spied trapped in a wooden cage being guarded by two barbarians.

That said, one of the prisioners (all female humans) managed to grab a guard and choke him into submission and I called for help to deal with the other as he was making his way into the cage.

Imajica and Khan dealt with him through a combination of magics. Io also made his way over and dealt the final blow to the guard being choked.

The prisioners were pleased to be freed, but, pleading aside, we were not able to lead them away immediately. Some clever magic later and they were safely hidden for about ten hours, giving us time to get into the cave and stop whatever was happening in there.

We did briefly try to question the one remaining guard, but clearly he was unable to speak out tongue and we could not make ourselves understood. Based on his companions previous actions, I concluded that he was still a threat, and would only attack us again, or go for help and bring more to his aid. It was with a heavy heart that I ended his threat in the most direct route. Iomedae save my soul for the decision I have made this day.

With a limited timeframe, we made haste into the cave and were almost immediately greeted with carved passages and a chamber with three statues in it. The walls looked to be stained with blood possibly. Also in this chamber were three woman waiting for us. They were wearing religious symbols that imajica identified as the same cult that attempted to set up in Shrike City.

Again, I offered them a chance to live and leave the cave behind. They again, as appears to be the standard here, took the opportunity to attack. With reluctance, we moved to defend ourselves.

Three daemons appeared, summons by these witches foul magics, and assaulted with more magic from the women, we were in some peril. Some speedy slashing and martial arts saw two of the three daemons go down, but all I could focus on was the sight of my son, Io, falling to the floor, dying.

Khan was able to save him in time with a handy use of a wand, and Io also channeled Iomedae’s will and healing flowed through those near him. I moved closer and also called on Iomedae and her will leant healing to those near me as well.

Learion and Oret suddenly looked as though death could be held at bay and with renewed determination, we faced down the final daemon and the three witches. They will not be leaving here alive, foul blight against my god that they so obviously are.

In which we search for the yellow brick road

With battle joined and a multitude of forces arrayed against us, Learion led from the front and showed offense is the best defence when dealing with these foes. A mighty giant was cut down brutally and quickly as he swung his greatsword.

Areas of magical interference were appearing as Khan and Imajica made life and movement difficult for the giants at ground level and Oret had disappeared up top of the towers, but less arrows were fired with each passing moment, so I can only assume that he was distracting them in some fashion.

The true threat to the giants however, was Learion. And realising this, they focused their massive clubs on him and brought him down. A few brutal blows had our battle leader on the ground and in dire need of help, or he risked death.

Io has proven himself before, but today, he really showed that as a battle healer, there is nothing more I can teach him. His faith in Iomedae was rewarded as he moved towards Learion and brough him back from the brink of death with a prayer and a touch. He kept moving so as to stay out of reach of the giants and was able to chanel Iomedaes power through himself and heal several of us, while keeping the giants away from the power of our Goddess.

Back on his feet, Learion followed my lead, and where my sword struck, leaving burning marks on giant flesh, the greatsword rent them asunder.

While we were dealing with the giants, Imajica dealt with another group of archers, Oret moved into yet another tower and dealt with the inhabitants there as well and Io distracted the last group for just long enough for us to finish the battle and capture a survivor.

During this time, Khan had been forced to retreat as the archers had focused on him primarily, seeing from their vantage point, his magic affecting the battle below. Luckily, he returned and was in better shape than before, thanks to judicious use of healing magic and avoiding the archers.

A thorough search of the towers turned up one remaing mercenary guard and the Lady Quintessa Maray, the same bard who had caused Learion to fall under sway of the vile confusion effect.

It turns out she had fled the earlier battle and had been hiding for nearly twenty four hours in her room, waiting for rescue. Once she was informed of what had gone down in Fort Drelev, she seemed to gravitate towards Khan. Perhaps she has something for men who weild political power? Regardless, she appears harmless now and sincere in her desire to be done with this place and assist us in our cause.

We have put Terrion Numesti in charge of Fort Drelev for now, with the blessing of all who we asked, most especially Satinder, as she seems to understand the people.

For now, our next move seems simple enough. Fort Drelev was taken over by Pitax as a means of diverting unwanted barbarian tribe attention from Pitax back to Fort Drelev. If we are to claim Fort Drelev as part of Elklund and ake it safe for all who would live here, then the barbarian tribes must be dealt with.

To that end, Imajica and Khan found a map to a place that seems to match the information we got from a dead barbarian back at Tatzlford. So we make plans to visit the tombs of a certain Armag the Twice Born.

Perhaps we can talk with these people as we did the centaurs of our lands…

In which talk leads inevitably to battle

Drelev was questioned at great length by Imajica and we learnt a great deal about his dealings with Pitax. Once our curiousity was satisfied, Imajica teleported him back to our lands and had him incarcerated. This process took longer than usual however, and there were murmurs that Imajica may have fallen foul of something.

In time, Imajica returned, somewhat flustered. Apparently the control of magic this powerful can sometimes be fickle and he had managed to overshoot his destination.

It was decided that we needed to get inside the town proper and speak to Satine, as directed before we left. Since we are a group where subtlety is a somewhat underdeveloped skill, the direct approach through the town gates was deemed appropriate. So back through the tunnels and up the cliff (thanks to Khan and some handy magic assisting our climb) and to the front gates we marched.

The guards didn’t seem overly concerned as we approached and challenged our reason for arriving. A simple discussion resulting in us being merchants of some kind was suffice to allow us passage.

A walk through the town showed a number of things, such as a large amount of guard patrols, an abandoned temple and a stunning woman chatting easily to all and sundry.

In fact, she ushered us over and offered us time to take our ease at her establishment, but conversation quickly (for I felt little need of THAT sort of relaxation) turned to us arranging a meeting with the propietor, Satinder. Our luck held and we were talking to Satinder. A guesture of a long stemmed flower inserted into the provided ring and name (Kisandra) gave us the meeting we were after.

She proved happy to help and provided us a safe room to reside during our time here and a secret way in and out of her establishment. She was also able to get the goods we rescued back to the people who needed it most.

Or next course of action seemed to challenge us. Of course, this is where we fall back onto the tried and true method of going directly to the source of a problem. In this case, the giants and mercenaries were suggested by Satinder as the cause for most of the fear in the town.

As is our way, an immediate trip to the keep that we had previously been hiding in, this time from the front, was our destination. A little trick of magic, and Imajica had us through the gates before they realised what was going on.

Unfortunately, that was as far as we got before the alarm was raised and guards and giants started appearing from all over the place. Oret disappeared up the wall, Khan had flown over the keep and was out of sight, leaving Learion, Io, Imajica and I to face the oncoming tide.

With a prayer on the lips, the battle has joined!

In which all hell doesn't break loose

In a dangerous position of Learion confused and trapped in an invisible cage with me, Io unconscious with Drelev threatening his life, a mage casting powerful spells and Oret alone standing against him, Khan outside, nowhere to be seen, Imajica around the corner, also trapped in the forcecage, things looked pretty grim.

Oret, however, changed the complexion of the battle by managing to cling onto the mage, forcing him to flee the battlefield, and Imajica managed to slip the forcecage and had Drelev under a magical compulsion of his own.

In a few short seconds, the battle turned in our favour. And Khan, it turns out, had also been busy. He had single handedly kept re-inforcements from flooding the room from across the barricades outside with all manner of spells and tricks of the weather.

Once the confusion had worn off Learion (thankfully before he started to try and kill me) and the cage disappeared, we had Drelev at our command. A minor miunderstanding almost caused a fight to break out between Drelev, Learion and myself, but imajica arrived back to ensure this was unnecessary. Apparently he had something else he had spotted and pursued.

Drelev was escorted down to the dungeons and relieved of most of his belongings, including the keyds to the jail cells. Imajica kept him safe while Learion, Khan and Oret investigated talk of a giant throwing rocks at our King.

I arrived in time to see the giant fall at Learions hands. Perhaps I should simply have stayed down with Imajica and Drelev since Learion, Oret and Khan appeared to have the situation completely under control. Iomedae is trying to teach me trust in those around me. I have much to learn.

In which the back door leads to the front door

The return of Imajica prompted our moving out. This area appeared devoid of sentries, so we explored the remainder of the floor. Mostly empty, there was one locked room, but a quick foray by Imajica as an elemental showed this to be the city treasury. It appeared to have been cleaned out, possibly to pay the surrender to foreign powers.

The stairs led us to the ground floor, where there were two guards, mercenaries from the looks, facing away. Lack of a subtle plan led Learion and myself to charge them, followed by a blast of colour from Imajica. The easy target must have confused Learion, as his swing was wild. They were taken down quickly however, without any alarm being raised.

This level was uninhabited aside from the two guards. The exit was there along with a circular staircase leading up.

Moving up, after securing the ground floor, we immediately looked left and found what looked to be an office. Khan spotted a creature above the bookcase and as soon as it knew it was spotted, it fled towards the window, even though we tried to talk first. Another appeared and we were attacked, so we defended ourselves. A fair amount of noise was being made by them, but Learion silenced one almost immediately. The other expired shortly afterwards.

It turns out that Imajica knew the familiar dying would alert the master. This lent a sense of urgency as an alarm of some kind must have been raised. Imajica and Khan focused on the desk and found some notes while the rest of us rushed towards the other side door.

We need not have worried.

We interrupted dinner. All the remaining guards, along with the Lord Drelev himself. A gorgeous woman sat with him and Drelev calmly announced intruders and battle was joined.

Immediately I blocked the door, but the woman cast a spell past me, similar to the Umber Hulks gaze, affecting Learion. Luckily the rest of us shook off the affects. Io was forced to hold Learion in place after it was obvious he was confused (smashing himself in the face with the hilt of his own blade).

The large double doors also swung open, revealing the rest of the troops. Damn, I can’t block everything this way, but Oret was there. Suddenly, so too was Imajica, appearing from nowhere and a cloud billowed forth from him, several of the guards dropping immediately, contorting in death.

Oret slammed the doors shut, but Drelev forced them open, while at the same time, another man came down the stairs, demanding to know who killed his familiar. Looks like we found the mage. He immediately cast a variation of lightning bolt that i’ve never seen, slamming into Oret, Io Learion and myself. Io looked rocked and moved past a now stunned Learion to find himself some space.

All this time, Khan was moving round the outside of the tower, peering through the windows, and found a target for his flaming sphere. Unfortunately, he missed the woman fleeing out of the tower, but he kept enemies focused.

The cloud floated through the double doors and Io gasped, clutched his throat and flee, unconscious to the floor, thankfully still breathing. Drelev then moved forward, but the mage cast some form of barrier, trapping Learion, myself and Imajica inside, with Learion shaking off the hold person.

Drelev has Io at his mercy, and I’m trapped. Our only hope now is Oret taking out the mage, all by himself. If he can, we may salvage this situation.

In which we sneak in the back door

After Khan found a concealed entrance in the cliff face, it was up Imajica to find a way to open it. His arcane arts assisted him here and the three of our party that were able to easily traverse down the cliff, Imajica, Khan and Oret, made there way into the cave after Imajica had done some rudimentary scouting and found very little to be alarmed about.

This left Io, Learian and me ontop of the cliff waiting for word. It was quiet and since we were only 30 feet above the entrance, we remained quiet as well.

It wasn’t until Imajica popped into existence next to us as an earth elemental that we were aware anything was really wrong. He then created a magical door to below and bid us assist the others, who were holding off some black puddings.

Forewarned that they split when hit with sharp weapons, I switched to my flail and Learion hefted his guisarme round the wrong way as though he was weildinging a quarterstaff, and Io blessed us with protection from acid, thanking the lady Iomedae for her aid once again.

Stepping through the portal, I was able to move through Khan and Oret, who were sensibly holding back, watching the beasts move through a plethora of magical defenses that Khan had cleverly laid in their way.

Stepping up, I asked Iomedae to bless my weapon with extra speed and swung heavily at the creature, bludgeoning it to death, and waiting for the next one to attack and move through the dangerous terrain. By the time each of them reached me, they were generally burned by the wall of flames they were moving through.

The second pudding that attacked tried a different tactic and grabbed me, enveloping me in it’s ooze. Luckily it was so badly damaged by this point that when I swung my flail to escape, it collapsed, dead. Deciding to heed the words of my liege, Khan, I retreated a step to force the next one to come further through the flames.

Unfortunately, it was still able to reach me and grabbed me as well. In this case, it was Learion, swinging his guisarme with fearsome skill, even though it was round the wrong way on purpose, and Oret, fists and feet flailing furiously that killed the creature and freed me.

The far end of the cave was blocked off by rusty iron bars, but a few good swings by Learion cleared our way and we tracked further inside. Following the natural passage, we stumbled upon a room hidden by a secret door where goods were stored and we liberated them. From there, Khan was able to spot (yet again) more secret doors. Choosing one almost at random, as we were directly below the tower, based on the musing of Imajica, we entered the prison cells.

The cell we arrived in was empty and unlocked, but across from us was one occupied cell. In it was a strong, older man, clearly having been left to suffer. As fortune would have it, we found Terrion Numesti, the father of the young woman (Kisandra Numesti) who had come seeking our help. Some of the equipment in the previous room was his, so we returned it to him and had Imajica teleport him back to his daughter.

We are just waiting on Imajica to return before we continue on our way.


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