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  • Akiros Ismort

    Akiros spent his whole young life preparing for the life of a paladin of Erastil. Unfortunately, shortly after gaining his spurs, he started an affair with a married noblewoman. When their indiscretion was revealed, she chose to cut her losses and accused …

  • Mulio

    A bard of some skill, Mulio helped make the party famous by spreading word of their adventures in the Stolen Lands. With the founding of the parties first city, Mulio decided it was time to settle for a while, and open a tavern or inn in the new city. …

  • Saki

    Arrived with Mulio as a barmain for his new establishment. Killed by the werewolf Kundal.

  • Kundal

    Kundal was an outcast of one of the local barbarian tribes, a wanderer of the Stolen Lands. Unfortunately, during his travels, he was afflicted with lycanthropy. While not aware of his condition, Kundal came to stay at the newly founded Shrike City and …

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