Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which there be dragons

After successfully defending Tatzlford, it was decided that we would leave it in the capable care of the reinforcements from Shrike City.

This allowed us to venture forth and try and find the source of the attack. We had a good idea of where we were going and really only one option, as valiantly as he tried, young Io was not able to extract any useful information from one of the dead barbarians about there whereabouts.

Since this settlement we were heading towards was off our previously beaten tracks, we took it slowly, ensuring that each area was secured and safe before moving on. About a week into the trek, a sight to bring fear to even a strong man, flew into view.

A group of four fully grown black dragons appeared from overhead. This was a serious danger, and also a little unexpected. It is rare for something so powerful to survive without creating an issue for somebody somewhere, and yet, here were four of them together! While we hold ourselves accountable and consider ourselves very capable, this encounter, at a time when we were unprepared for it, was out of our league.

It was actually only through the sharp eyes of our King, Khan that we even had time to deal with the situation. The best idea at this time was to hide somehow, but with no cover around that could be reached in time, Imajica conjured his faithful rope trick and we were able to hide in plain sight, with Khan having transformed into an earth elemental and burrowing beneath the ground.

Even with the clever trick, one of the dragons found us, but rather than attacking blindly, it chose to torment us and left a sizzling pool of acid at the base of the rope. This could have spelt trouble, but Imajica would have been able to teleport us away should we have become trapped, and by the time we came back out of the portal, the acid had dissolved.

The dragons avoided for the time being, I promised myself I would ensure that these creatures could not darken our land once we had completed our quest to rid our kingdom of this threat of attack.

As it turned out, one of the dragons found us out in the open and with no choice but to fight, we readied ourselves. Imajica and Io covered us in defensive magics and as the battle moved on, offensive magics were added.

This time, having seen the group earlier, we were more prepared, and a solitary black dragon was within our reach. We traded blows, magic and threats, and our fearless monk threw himself at the beast, wrapping his arms around the neck and clinging on for dear life, tangling it up and assisting Learion and I in striking blows against it.

The dragon finally realised the folly of attacking us alone and attempted to retreat. This could have spelt disaster if it could return to the group it was part of and they would all hunt us down. Luckily Khan had an extremely long range spell that was able to finish it off before it could escape completely.

This is one less threat to our people taken care off, but there is still at least three more out there needing to dealt with at a later date.

We made it to our destination and the place looked fairly well fortified with walls stretching most of the way round. Rather than simply walk in the front entrance and announce ourselves (especially as we are fairly distinctive), we scouted for a rumoured back entrance and found a door some way from the town, built into the cliff face. It is here that we make our next decision…to enter a completely unknown tunnel or chance the front entrance after all.



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