Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

how to increase your cardio

I come out of my induced non movement state inflicted by the wriggling worm man, ON THE CEILING!!!

He had disappeared and I decided to leave the upside down state on my own terms and stepped out of the affected area and quickly descended to the ground with a large thump.

Not long after that Imagica stated he was going to open a door downstairs . Wait I said let me get down there!!

No I cant wait… so he opened the door a few seconds later people come rushing up the stairs saying Worm Man up stairs!!!!

I could not see any worm man but Imajica could so I followed his spells. I ran to where his spell went… as soon as I got there his spells were going to another part of the room…. Fantastic i’m running after a invisible man a great way to increase my cardio!

After running around a bit our swashbuckler put and end to the worm man with a flick of his wrists… Thank God.

We looked around a bit searched some rooms and then we came across a nymph with no eyes she screamed and the fight started.



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