Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Imajica's first post

I recall the first time this group of intrepid adventurers came together in full..The four hearty souls that returned from their exhaustive initial foray were flush with excitement from the success they had had. Upon returning to the keep for well deserved rest they met the last soul that would join the origins of the party. An elf, proclaiming to be a wizard, who came with all the foppish attitudes that befits the kind. While some were skeptical with his claims of prowess nonetheless he was welcomed into the fold. Some said later that it appeared the group was finally complete with reference to a glove on the hand. One was over heard stating if that was the case, which one was the finger that best expressed the term F**K you…

The elf came with the name Imajica, tho to this day it sounded more like Brian the Elf. Most peculiar

After loot was traded and bodies recuperated the band set off for the next phase of their mission. A day in they came across a shroom patch. Not that unique by normal opinion, except this particular crop was apprehended by a task of kobolds. Now the thing with Fey, even ones as reprehensible as these, is that they aren’t inherently good or evil. They’re just Fey…

With several options available the outcome was chosen by the bastard barbarian who shooed them off in no uncertain terms. As this point it must be said the barbarian was able to mention the word glorious in every statement he made no matter the context. That and the fact he needed a more appropriate belt for his trousers.

Eventually after days of relative uneventful travels they came across a bandit camp! What could have been a challenge fraught with danger proved instead that the party was more than prepared for such an encounter. After some comical and strange concurrences (The ground they stood on suddenly had the means to fog rapidly) the ensuing fight was brutal but short lived. The elf proved he was useless with a bow (he claimed it was because he wasnt using a long bow but after procuring one he proved he was just as useless with that). The man with mighty mittens proved he was a force to be reckoned with and if enemy blood was evidence of glory then the barbarian had that to excess. Was the fearless leader Learion able to maintain his aura of superiority with this bold show of primal force?

Securing the area to make safe for travelers meant the party found their way back to base with booty and stories for all. There they met a holy man who had a strange symbol above his head. Even with his story as dubious as it was the group accepted a mission presented by the cleric with holy gifts offered if successful. Strange that not long after this encounter the strange symbol changed and greyed out

Heading south this time into areas unknown they came across a hovel lived in by a slightly mad alchemist. He bade them welcome and offered chemical treats if they would ever come across special mushrooms loved by member’s of the Fey. Luckily the eccentric fool failed to notice the accusing looks given to Durz. To his credit he looked slightly abashed by this. Well as much as he was able to.

The last segment of this part of the journey has a thread of controversy sown into it. Out of no where the band stumbled upon an area of plain that was evident of some unnatural power for it was littered with the skeletons of many. Needing to prove to all who was the real alpha Learion, seeing Durz hesitate at this phenomenon bravely set off with the Elf to explore. Suddenly a beast of a critter, its countenance sweating with evil and venom, sprung its trap on the two mortal souls. With a seemingly calm reaction the Leader drew his Great sword and slew the abomination with one mighty blow.

Durz proclaims that the elf bewitched the creature before the KB was landed and therefore undermines the gloriousness compared to his slaying of the bandit leader. The elf was seen to spray colours of magic rainbow at the beast thus weakening it. As the Elf was seen to use this against the bandits only causing them to wet themselves with laughter, this statement is at its present state purely speculative.

End of part deus



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