Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which ale may be made again

“These events follow the events in Pitax at the Rushlight Tournament – Log 2 of 2”

The isle was guarded.

A large number of Will-o-Wisps descended on Oret as he charged ahead into the ghost that was floating, menacingly, on the other side of the small bridge.

Spells started flying from all parts, but the most surprising was Imajica as he literally transformed into something else. Suddenly, his archery was potent, the arrows striking were previously, while he clearly knew how to use a bow (part of his elven heritage I understand), he was now hitting targets he would have struggled with and leaving a solid impact.

Oret focused on the ghost, but was surrounded by Will-o-Wisps. Luckily for him, Learion was able to take care of them fairly quickly. While immune to most magic, they were not impervious to large swords slicing clean through them.

I tried to take the fight to the ghost in between this. I was unfortunately unable to be particularly useful as it primarily ignored me and I had serious difficulty connecting with it. Io was able to sear it with Iomedae’s fire however, and combined with the multitude of other hits from Learion and Oret, the ghost dissipated.

A small room was found, a door cleverly hidden as a cask.

Inside was clearly the mad priest’s resting chambers, sparse as they may be. A rod and an ornate water clock were the only items of any real interest, Both indicated magic, and potentially some value, usable or financial.

Learion, however, had other ideas. Taking the water clock, he threw it violently to the ground, shattering it to pieces. From the wreckage, the water seeped together and formed a Nereid. A beautiful…and very naked…Nereid.

A spare cloak was offered to her as a way to cover herself, although she didn’t seem overly concerned. Imajica was able to tell us something of these magical creatures from another plane.

She thanked us for rescuing her, although in truth, it was Learion in a moment of possibly divine inspired clarity that was mostly responsible for her freedom. She also enquired as to a shawl. Apparently this item of clothing is magically important to her.

We had unfortunately not found such an item and suspected it had been taken back to Pitax all those years ago when the monastery was destroyed and Pitax soldiers cleaned up the mess.

Luckily, she was able to make a new shawl, but finding her original one would still be very beneficial to her. No guarantees were made, but I did promise to make an effort to search should I be in the position to do so.

Io’s quest done, as far as he and I were able to discern, the party made their way back to Shrike City.



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