Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which all corridors look like Khan's memory

We tried to make our way further into the castle, but Imajica and Khan decided a quick look around the courtyard and the trees there was in order first. Knowing that those two had plenty of ways to deal with any situations that might come up, the rest of us waited, some more patiently than others, in the pool room.

They came back with little additional information, so we moved deeper into the castle. Khan immediately recognised these passages as the ones he saw when scrying on Learions fathers. Knowing that this meant we would be lead to the last place we saw Nyrissa, it was suggested that we take a different route to ensure that we had cleared out the castle of any potential help she might have.

Up the stairs it was then.

Khan immediately recognised these corridors as the ones he looked at while scrying for Learions father…hmmm…something of an issue here then, since apparently all these passages are going to look similar.

Some searching around found bedrooms, store rooms and a large, run down, dining room. Which happened to be populated with two large wyverns. Having fought them previously,, I stood in the doorway to allow the rest of the party to get their spells and weapons ready.

Unfortunately, the wyverns were quicker to react than us and bit, raked, and stabbed me with their tail stingers and one of them then grabbed me with its large claws and pulled me closer to its mouth, saliva and halitosis bearing down on me.

At least the other wyvern was quickly dispatched. Realising that its companion was dead, the one that held my, not so tenderly I might add, in its strong claws, let me go and attacked any who came near it. Including Io! He had stepped into the fray to heal me as I looked to be bleeding and in some serious difficulty. He managed that, but suffered a frightful wound of his own and was poisoned for bad measure.

The final wyvern died quickly after that, but it came down to an unlikely source to cure the poison and save my son. Imajica was able to convert his arcane magics into something resembling divine power and removed the poison from Io, much to everybodies relief.

A secret door was found, and a short exploratory trip later revealed nothing of urgent importance, so we made our way over a bridge adjoining this dining hall and the next room. But not before Oret had ventured downstairs to ensure the sounds of battle hadn’t drawn in more opponents. He advised us there was nothing there, other than a sense of him being watched.

We stepped onto the bridge and were stopped in our tracks by an angel! Who claimed to be protecting Nyrissa! Some foul magics were afoot here, and I tried to find a way to talk to the angel and see if it was being held against its will.

Khan took a more direct route. He attempted to dispel any protective magics the angel might have, but instead, it winked from existence. Imajica has been trying to explain to me ever since that this was not actually an angel, but simply a summoned creature and therefore was not acting on the will of the heavens, but I’ve had trouble following the extremely academic explanations, since all I can really understand is that an angel appeared, it was an angel, it acted like an angel, it certainly wasn’t evil…so under the slightly less academic argument…if it looks like a duck, it sounds like a duck, it acts like a duck…surely it’s a duck? Angel? Sigh…too complicated for me. Either way, Khan used the right magic at the right time.

Suddenly spells went off, and we hadn’t cast them. Several members of our party went completely still and the man made of worms was floating off to one side. What followed was a frustrating game of cat and mouse as the enemy went invisible and moved while casting spells. Thankfully, Khan was able to highlight where the creature was and we could now follow it.

The creature reversed the gravity in the area, but that actually worked more to our advantage as those who were stuck on the bridge out of reach were suddenly able to walk on the ceiling and charge at the mage as it was floating within reach. Several strong strikes later and the mage was reeling back in pain, but it’s not finished yet…



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