Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which all hell doesn't break loose

In a dangerous position of Learion confused and trapped in an invisible cage with me, Io unconscious with Drelev threatening his life, a mage casting powerful spells and Oret alone standing against him, Khan outside, nowhere to be seen, Imajica around the corner, also trapped in the forcecage, things looked pretty grim.

Oret, however, changed the complexion of the battle by managing to cling onto the mage, forcing him to flee the battlefield, and Imajica managed to slip the forcecage and had Drelev under a magical compulsion of his own.

In a few short seconds, the battle turned in our favour. And Khan, it turns out, had also been busy. He had single handedly kept re-inforcements from flooding the room from across the barricades outside with all manner of spells and tricks of the weather.

Once the confusion had worn off Learion (thankfully before he started to try and kill me) and the cage disappeared, we had Drelev at our command. A minor miunderstanding almost caused a fight to break out between Drelev, Learion and myself, but imajica arrived back to ensure this was unnecessary. Apparently he had something else he had spotted and pursued.

Drelev was escorted down to the dungeons and relieved of most of his belongings, including the keyds to the jail cells. Imajica kept him safe while Learion, Khan and Oret investigated talk of a giant throwing rocks at our King.

I arrived in time to see the giant fall at Learions hands. Perhaps I should simply have stayed down with Imajica and Drelev since Learion, Oret and Khan appeared to have the situation completely under control. Iomedae is trying to teach me trust in those around me. I have much to learn.



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