Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which gods battle above our heads

With the enemy cleric safely behind his wall of blades, it was look extremely dangerous.

I handed back Learion’s polearm since he was better equipped to utilize it than I was, which was proved very quickly when I made several unsuccessful attacks with it.

Our respective gods must have been battling for supremacy above us, and Iomedae gave us strength. Io kept us alive, Imajica threw magical lightning around, Khan provided magical assistance where necessary, Oret maintained a dangerous ranged presence with his shuriken and Learion thrust his polearm through the enemies defences and rent him asunder, while I cried out with the force of my god to focus his attention on me.

With all this happening, mighty magics were unleashed upon us, but Io kept us going, and he was cut down before he could get off his own heal.

A short rest was required and during that time, the blade barrier fell, allowing our resident magpie, Khan, to search the remains (he withered away into extremely old age before our eyes as he died), finding a few useful items.

Through the door we moved then. Immediately into combat!

The door was opened and we were greeted with the sight of dead barbarians lying on the floor, skeleton warriors lined up awaiting us and a large man in heavy armour with an ornate greatsword ready to charge.

Stepping forth, I took the brunt of the attacks from the skeletons and the large man. Khan flew past everybody into the room, taking a number of wounds in the process, Learion stepped up behind me to cleave his way through the skeletons that were approaching, Io cast a protective barrier of wind to stop the archers (which Khan then immediately stole and blasted us with…for some good reason I’m hoping!) and moved up behind me as well.

Imajica flung his magic prowess around like toys and Oret was locked in place unfortunately behind the rest of the party, but he still had his shurikens flying through the combat, lacing into any enemy he could find.

The massive barbarian cleaved through my armour with an ease I have never experienced, even when I was fighting trolls, early in my career! Blessedly the pain didn’t last long as I was knocked unconscious.

The next thing I know, I wake to find Khan whirling in his air elemental form near me and I’m now behind the barbarian and in the middle of the skeletons, having been trampled over.

From here, Learion took quick care of the barbarian, and the skeletons held little fear for a party such as ours.

Most of us heavily wounded, almost zero magical reserves left, we are in a bad way, but hopefully, we have stopped this terrible ritual from happening, whatever it was. All that’s left before us is another door, hopefully the last one in the catacomb, and hopefully no more enemies!

Iomedae preserve us from harm, but we still have to get back out and take those poor girls home! We can’t die in here…



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