Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which kings and men mingle

Pitax holds an annual tourney. Something that most of the border Kingdoms are invited to. This year is the first year in which Elklund appears to have made the following nations realise that we are, in fact, a legitimate nation, even if we are somewhat small in comparison to others.

The work I had put in over the preceding years must have helped build some form of good favour, and as such, we made our way to the tourney as a group, led by Khan, as always, our King.

Io was gifted a vision from our Goddess, iomedae herself, and such a divine message can not be ignored. He made the pilgrimage willingly, and I was proud to see him follow our Goddess and continue her good works.

This did leave a gap in our group as we decided to make the trip. Luckily, Khan’s marriage to the lovely Lady Quintessa Maray had resulted in a bond forming between her and the original members of the party, and she offered to go in Io’s stead. She was gladly welcomed by all.

A quiet trip resulted in a generous welcome to the outskirts of Pitax, where we were greeted by Nunzio Arpaia. On behalf of his King, he bade us welcome and invited us to sup and greet the leader of Pitax, none other than King Castruccio Irovetti himself.

The meeting was both pleasant and fairly short. Queen Quintessa is somewhat the scholar and bard of renown, and the entrance to King Castruccios tent was lined with works of art. She was able to hold her tongue however, as she later informed us of the obviously gaudy nature of most of the pieces, even if they were of financial value.

The sheer gleeful interest in art from the King allowed us to gift him with a work of art from our own vaults resulted in a very friendly meet and greet, along with breaking our fast. Smart thinking from Imajica there, as the gift was his idea.

Once bid good day, we were bade to explore our lodgings, and our guide was to be the lovely Ashularae, whom we had the pleasure of meeting twice before. She was very friendly yet again, but there did seem to be some tension between her and Learion which seemed to shorten her stay.

After investigating our lodgings carefully (it was prudent to check for traps, magical or otherwise and any other unwanted things), we made a slow trip around the small lake where all the visiting dignitaries were housed. Learion chose to remain behind, to bathe and wash off the dust from the road.

We did find most of the lodgings empty. Perhaps the visitors were enjoying other sights?

One lodging housed somebody familiar to Khan however. She was one of three representing another faction, but the short story seemed to involve he rescuing Khan from some daemon during his formative years.

From her we learned more of the tourney and taking our leave, we planned our participation in the events…



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