Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which kings fall and the sheep of a nation becomes our nemesis

With little to recommend staying in the same place, I flew over to the Ogre Mage to ensure that it couldn’t simply keep casting spells at us and harming the rest of my friends.

I’m glad I was flying however, as Khan decided to turn the ground beneath me into a hot pool of tar, trapping everybody in the next room in the black, sticky, foul smelling stuff. The Ogre Mage wore more blows from my sword as I called on Iomedae to assist in ending the evil creatures life.

Between my sword, the burning tar and the insane, blind troll attacking as well, we broke the Ogre Mage’s morale and it fled somehow, simply disappearing somewhere before my very eyes.

Turning and looking into what could only be the opulent throne room, there was a large number of Pitax guards looking concerned as I flew towards them.

“Stand down and you’ll live.”

It turns out Imajica had no desire to waste more of his precious arcane energy on mere guards. I flew towards them swinging my sword at the same time, and as I arrived, the whole group of them dropped their weapons and raised their hands in surrender. Imajica clearly has a way with words…

The guards were not able to tell us where the King had gone, but one of them was able to give us the vague direction of a possible secret door.

What followed was a frustrating search through more doors, followed by more doors, frequently hidden behind more secret doors.Our moment of concern showed its face in the upstairs library. While searching through yet more doors (this whole palace needs to be razed to the ground and rebuilt…), Khan felt the unmistakable feeling of somebody watching him and called out.

Weapons ever at the ready in a hostile environment, we turned, looking for the threat. When nothing was forthcoming, it was only Learions clear headed battle training that allowed us to act without being surprised.

Khan was able to identify the creature as a weretiger, even as her blades were finding their way through his armour and into his kidneys.

“More like were…sheep!”

There was an odd mumble from Imajica as his arcane powers came to the fore again, and suddenly, in the place of a menacing humanoid tiger, a sheep stood in her place…

The suprise was total from most of us, except Imajica, who simply laughed in the face of our former enemy.

What we have never, as a group or individually been able to explain afterwards is where the sheep got to. She simply disappeared, with the eerie feeling that our deaths had been fortold…by sheep…

Many more doors and even a few more secret doors were found, but eventually, we found a way down, which Learion swore was the way to go, and for once in the last several hours of searching, Khan and he agreed on a direction.

Down the stairs we marched, with Oret confirming that there was likely the King behind the very door we discovered, along with an unknown female.

With a few seconds to prepare, Io called upon the blessings of Iomedae and we burst through the door, directly into a hail of razor blades being fired from the strange staff King Castruccio Irovetti had been carrying around.

His female companion was some form of snake woman that I had not seen before. She immediately started casting spells and therefore became public enemy number one for everybody except Learion, who continued to focus ALL of his attention (and any of ours he could command) on Irovetti.

The snake woman was quick to go down under the combined fire of everybody in he party, but when Oret attempted to grapple with the King, he simply disappeared. Horrow that he might escape yet again, we frantically looked for any sign of him.

Thankfully, he was as keen to kill us are we were him, and he called us out from beyond the ornate drapes between us and the rest of the room the King inhabited.

A large, natural cavern with a large watery section was found, and the king was waiting for us.more spells led to Oret attempting to grapple the King again, although this time, the King was blind. Irovetti teleported again, past the wall of fire that had been set up behind him into a small semblance of freedom.

He rummaged around in his belongings for something, fished out a scroll, unrolled it and stopped momentarily as he cursed, unable to read it through the magical blindness. A very short time later, the evil King was dead, Iomedae’s blessing thankfully providing the means to defeat him.

Plenty of chests littered this area. It was clearly the treasury. The chests were all empty, Irovetti having bankrupted his kingdom for his own pleasures. We were able to find a final secret door that led into a watery area.

Floating in here was a large piece of cloth, in which, wrapped a fantastic sword. The cloth was identified as our Nereids shawl. The sword? this appeared to be the very sword the Nereid was trying to protect.

With nobody else keen to carry it, I slung it on my hip. It was strange, but it really felt like it belonged there. I think more time will be needed to find out what this sword is capable of.



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